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BT Infinity 2 upgrade unresolved speed problem for nearly 2 months. Please Help.

Hi, first post as been happy with BT for years, and have been happy with Infinity for last two years. But I'm really struggling to get a problem resolved and wondered if anyone on here would be able to help.


I had Infinity one for two years and was constantly getting 38 down 8 up, I upgraded to Infinity 2 about two months ago, and as soon as it was enabled on my line had speeds of 76 down 16 up which I was extremely happy with. Then after about two days I noticed the speed had decreased to 38 down but still 16 up. From then until now, I have not gone over the 40 Meg down boundary of Infinity 1, but my upload has stayed at infinity 2 speeds.


I've been onto BT loads of times and haven't got anywhere, they keep saying my lines fine, settings in exchange/cab fine etc.

My Ip profile gets reported as being set right (77.43Mbps/20Mbps). I'm just hitting brick walls with bt help desk.


I'm IT/Electrician by trade so all hardware in property has been tested and changed.


Any ideas ?





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Re: BT Infinity 2 upgrade unresolved speed problem for nearly 2 months. Please Help.

Hi sorry to hear about your problems I had exactly the same issue. 

My speed doubled after the free upgrade. Everything was fine for 2 months until there was a lighting storm. The internet died for 30 minutes when it came back live my speed had reverted to the maximum of 40 meg down. 

After several painful calls with bt support I have now got this fixed. 


I note you are an IT specialist so I suspect you are as equally frustrated by bt claiming that the problem is all on your end i.e. you need to reset the router, there is a problem with the wifi, there is a problem with your computer. BT refused to accept there was a problem as a speed of 40meg down is good enough (so they said). 


This is what I did 


On the phone I would explain the problem I would jump through all the hoops and when they finally came up with no solution I would then ask to speak to their manager. I then repeated the above steps. Finally I spoke to one manager of managers who admitted that a cap had indeed been placed on the account but he was not sure why and claimed he could not do anything about it. He tried to claim that the speed might have been reduced as the line was unstable at the higher speed. I argued that this clearly wasn't the case as I had had the higher speed for at least 2 months. You might struggle with this argument as you only had 2 days. As I wouldn't let him get away with this in the end he agreed to sending out an engineer to the house.


The engineer came round. He tested the line. He found no faults on the line. He explained that one possible solution would be to get the line reset. According to BTs protocol the only way this could be done is if the engineer found some sort of fault. So he claimed that there was a problem with the BT modem and router (despite finding no fault on them). He therefore replaced these (even though they were in perfect working order). He was then able to phone the BT headquarters and ask for the line to be reset. As soon as this was done my speed was back up to 60mbps down (which I'm more than happy with) 


Good luck

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Re: BT Infinity 2 upgrade unresolved speed problem for nearly 2 months. Please Help.

I have had a problem with infinity speeds, twenty one Openreach visits. Ther seem to be three issues, the early Openreach modems overheat and have problems, there are lots of hub problems, look on the label you need a 'B'  not the 'A' and best of all swap the channel from auto to 1, 7 or 11. 

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