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BT Infinity 2Mb/s

I had BT Infinity installed about a month ago. All was fine, managed around 20Mb/s, which was better than the 5Mb/s I was used to.


This weekend I noticed that things seemed to be slow, did a speed test 2Mb/s. I unplugged the modem / router, plugged it straight into the master socket port with the BT supplied cable .. 2Mb/s. Tried from different PCs ... 2Mb/s.


Weirdly, the upload is still around 7Mb/s which is close to what it was before.


I called India, after going through the entire script, the woman took control of my PC to establish that my line was indeed stuck at 2Mb/s. She told me I'd be called back within 48 hours, which of course I haven't.


Where to go from here. Another call to India, sit through another script? Anyone else having this problem?


Wish I had my 5Mb/s back now.

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Re: BT Infinity 2Mb/s

hi im having the same issue except aparently after 14 days on having infinity i have "gone over" the fair usage policy. Now i know i spend a lot of time on facebook and checking emails but since i dont download or stream very often (in fact since having inifintiy i havent even watched iplayer) i think this sounds like another issue hitting some people. When i spoke to some in india i promised a callback tomorrow as apparently a lot of customers have received this in the last week
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Re: BT Infinity 2Mb/s

It looks like you have been capped. This is due to going over the allowance for your package.

check in you account online to see your BB usage as this cap will last for 30 days.

If your on option 1 Infinity then it would be really easy to go over your allowance (40gb i think)

Check your email to see if you have had a warning notice.

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