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BT Infinity Cabinet Full/Looking for info

After waiting 4 weeks for our phone and broadband to be provisioned after moving (which is a ridiculous time to wait, but alas seems the norm now) I was ready to accept that Infinity wouldn't be available straight away as the cabinet doesn't have enough connections.


Earlier this week however (2 days before install) I was overjoyed to see that there was now availability - I phoned up the sales line to see if it was possible to upgrade our order as it hadn't been fulfilled yet, and was told unfortunately not, but to contact them once it had been installed as there will still be availability on the cabinet.


Sadly, that's not the case, and infinity is no longer available as the cab is again full - and it seems BT Retail can't use the OpenReach place order onto waiting list feature that some other providers (allegedly) can. So I'm stuck in a 12 month contract with 2.6Mbps speed which isn't enough to video conference when I'm working from home 2 days a week.


Looking at various options, and do have a complaint open because of being told it would all be fine, but my question is - why can't we be added to the OpenReach waiting list? And also, if one of the mods would kindly find out some information for me, namely: 


  • Is the cabinet at total capacity, i.e., our only option is someone ceasing their service, or OpenReach building another cab
  • If it's a new cab that needs installing, what kind of lead time is there on that? I need to know if signing up to a 12 month 4G internet contract would be a better option at the moment for my working from home needs.
  • If it's just a new card that needs installing, when is that likely to be, have openreach given any indication of timescales
  • Why can't we access the 90 day waiting list to be put onto it (if one exists, which I've read it does in many places), and is there any alternative to checking every day (apart from registering interest, as I've done that before and never received an alert when availability opened up).

Have some other gripes, like our broadband being ceased a day early before we moved, and being told an engineer would look into it and call back 2 days later ... not much use when I was moving out, but that's done and dusted and not worth pursuing.



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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Full/Looking for info


1. Additional card around 2 weeks however if copper tie pairs are also required add a couple more months.

2. If it's just copper ties the wait would a couple of months.

3. If the copper ties require civils work (ducting) stick another month on 2 however if additional space is required in the pcp for the copper the time could be anywhere between 4 months and infinitum.
4. if the dslam is a 128 port and needs an upgrade to a 256 could be around 2 months.
5. if however the current dslam is full and an additional one needs installing this process from planning to commissioning could be anything from 9 months to infinitum again.


The times are above from when openreach had the capacity issue.


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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Full/Looking for info

I don't know of any ISP that currently utilises Openrech's waiting list
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