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BT Infinity - Cabling advice + Do I Need The Home Hub?

Hi All,


I'm currently on Virgin Cable Broadband but the BT offer seems to be better performance for the same price I'm paying so thought it sounded like a good deal.  However I'm now worried I'm going to end up cancelling as I'm not sure the engineer will do my cabling requirement.


My master socket is in the living room.  The actual cable comes underneath the window into a junction box which then goes round the room to the master socket.  My computer gear, router etc is upstairs in my bedroom.  This is where I currently have my cable modem connection & cable modem.  This is where I want the new BT stuff.


Now I need the master socket moving to near the window and then the cable from there run outside the house down the side of the house and into the bedroom at the back (<30 metres) - this is what virgin/ntl did when I had my cable modem installed.  There is no way the cable could be run from the master socket inside the house to the bedroom where its required.


Will the engineer do this?


Also I have an expensive cable router Netgear 3700 rangemax series (that connects via ethernet to my cable modem atm) which I don't want to lose.  Can I just connect the new BT modem to this and ignore their home hub?  I really don't want to use it as I have matched wireless cards for high speed connections.


Cheers All.

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Re: BT Infinity - Cabling advice + Do I Need The Home Hub?

BT Openreach will convert your main linebox (the type with an internal test socket) into a infinity specific nte 2000 front plate. At this point there should be 2 electrical mains sockets available to plug the BT Home Hub( infinity version) and an Openreach modem.

It is expected that to benefit for the maximum speed, you should plug your computer into the RJ45 socket on the HH or use wireless connectivity, it is possible to connect your computer remote from this point using either powerline adaptors, An extension kit to the nte2000 or a long RJ45 cable.

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Re: BT Infinity - Cabling advice + Do I Need The Home Hub?

The Apple Extreme cable router has been proved to work OK.


Just suck it and see?

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Re: BT Infinity - Cabling advice + Do I Need The Home Hub?



I have Infinty installed and the way it goes, the vdsl modem has to be fitted where the master socket (NTE5) is in the property, if there no NTE5 socket the engineer will fit one where the cable comes in, the nte2000 is not needed, reason being once you are on FTTC service is no need for any microfilters on any of the phone points that are in use. Once the vdsl modem has been fitted a CAT5e cable is run to where the hub will be, you must use BT equipment when the engineer installs it, they will not use or support non BT equipment, after they are gone and you are happy with the service you can swap out the hub and put your own one in.