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BT Infinity-Connection keeps dropping after 2 weeks of working perfectly?

My father got bt infinity,now prior to this his landline wasn't working for a few months,but since he had his fiber optic installed he decided to have his line looked into by bt...he was recently told they were working on his line to see if they could repair it,but since then using either wire or wireless his broadband connection drops constantly(by that i mean every few minutes all through the day and night)


What's going on here?He's the type of person that wouldn't ask for help or to have a problem sorted unless he knew for sure it wasn't his fault/couldn't fix it himself.


Has anyone else had this trouble with their bt infinity?Could there be any other source for this problem besides bt?

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Re: BT Infinity-Connection keeps dropping after 2 weeks of working perfectly?

Hi Will and welcome


As you mentioned "using either wire or wireless his broadband connection drops constantly" then you've eliminated it being interference over wireless from something like Christmas lights.


With the equipment supplied by BT for Infinity we can't get access to router stats anymore sadly.

So can't easily check for noise figures, attenuation changes etc.


There doesn't appear to be any service issues around


Is there any noise over the telephone? 

Quiet line test (dial 17070-option 2) you should hear.... nothing.


If you are getting noise that may indicate a high resistance joint somewhere which along with causing crackling may make the broadband equipment back in your exchange adjust/slow down your broadband to maintain a reliable connection.... but if it can't then brief disconnections could occur.


If you hear noise then you should try the line test using the test socket behind your master socket's faceplate.

It's easy to remove the faceplate, two screws and gently ease the front off and you'll see the socket behind.

By using that TEST socket you are connecting directly to the BT line...... removing any doubt about your house's internal wiring/extensions. 

Also if you can use a couple of corded phones that way you'll ensure one of your phones isn't the culprit.


Do you notice the Modem (white Openreach box) if it's green DSL light goes out/flashes?

That should remain constantly green indicating a solid Broadband connection.

Is the Modem version 3B? BT/Openreach have an ongoing replacement program as the older versions were a bit unreliable, especially if they were not mounted verically to allow it's cooling vents to work efficiently.


Be interesting to see your IP settings by running the FTTC diagnostic of

Example of my results scroll down a bit in THIS POST. Download IP setting 38717Kbps (38Mbps).


Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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