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BT Infinity - Constant problems recently

Hi everyone,


I got BT Infinity around mid October and up until around 2 weeks ago it was fine with I don't believe a single disconnect but now it seems like the broadband will stop working daily. I have rang BT up but anything beyond doing a line check and turning equipment off and on again seems to be out of the question.


For those that don't know the way BT Infinity works is out of the master socket a cable goes into the white openreach modem and then a ethernet cable goes from that into the homehub. The openreach modem has 3 greens lights on it, one for power, one for DSL and one for connectivity with the HomeHub. At no point has the DSL light not been green. In fact almost always the broadband light on the homehub is on too despite not being able to get internet access of any connected machines even


One of 3 problems seems to occur.

1) Most commonly the wireless stops working. The SSID is still broadcast but PCs connecting to it get the Windows 'limited or no connectivity' thing. They can however connect to albeit slowly. I could have a laptop touching the homehub and this will still happen. Only remedy seems to be the good ol' turn it off and on again a random amount of times.

2) Both wireless and wired stop working. This has just happened as I am typing this. On my desktop PC I have a ethernet connection but also a wireless card so I am able to check which one is not working and right now it is neither. Both LAN and WAN are able to find the service BTHomeHub2-XXXN however but I can't get to Before being able to submit this post I will have the pleasure of resetting the homehub a undetermined amount of times before it works.

3) Most oddly of all, only LAN stops working. I have troubleshooted and it is not a problem with the ethernet cables. All wireless still works and sometimes the LAN does work but insanely slowly as in 5 minutes to load If I ping a website such as BBC I will get severe packet loss (around 40%) but those packets that do work will be at ~23ms which is what I normally get. Don't understand this at all. Again, everything will be fixed after resetting both homehub and PCs.


What I've tried:

- Changing wireless channels

- Phone noise test, listened for about a minute and I couldn't really hear anything besides an occasional quite quiet tick noise. I would not rule out this being a line issue though because I can imagine the phone lines for my house are awful

- Changing cables

- Manually putting in the IP addresses the HomeHub assigns to devices

- Factory restting the homehub any number of times.


I am not able to get the line stats that are usually requested from people though. I have one of the newer homehubs I think and when I goto A-Z > ADSL settings it just tells me how long I've been connected and I remember reading elsewhere BT Infinity people talking about not being able to get line stats from the hub. I did as well but wasn't able to do the third test - it told me I got around 6Mb down and 8Mb up but I personally treat all speedtests with a generous amount of salt because straight after I was able to download at 4,400kB/sec elsewhere.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm at a dead end phoning BT. I couldn't explain the whole pinging websites with packet loss to the guy and as far as they are concerned if I reset my router enough times and broadband works for another 24hrs it's fixed to them. Also is it possible to use another router with Infinity? I have at least 2 from previous ISPs and never had problems and between these problems and the hidden settings I would love to get rid of the HomeHub.






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Re: BT Infinity - Constant problems recently

Tonight it has become unusable. Connection is constantly dropping every couple of minutes, for around 10 seconds+. Green DSL light on OpenReach modem is always stable green as is the broadband light on the Hub.


Can always connect to on wired and wireless and it always says connected. Tried resetting stuff any number of times and it isn't working for once. Even tried a few factory resets.


Pinging I am getting around 10% packet loss on average. I also get like a tenth of my normal download speed.

Rang India and the guy knew nothing about broadband beyond what the troubleshooter on his screen told him. I don't consider myself an expert either so if I know more than some technical support guy it is a complete farce. Going to choose the sales option on the phone tomorrow when I phone them up again and get put through to someone who has both technical knowledge and a command of the English language because when I rang up to order Infinity you can bet they knew what they are talking about.


And to make it worse the guy had the cheek to tell me that he will call me back on Monday and not to ring back before then because they are doing tests on my line and to just note down everytime my connection stops working.

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Re: BT Infinity - Constant problems recently

I have similar problems (daily resetting but thankfully not quite as bad - I'm normally OK after the reset..

Have you tried changing he encryption to WPA only (not WPA2)? Only asking because this resolved a daily reset problem for wireless before I was on infinity.. it won't help your disconnection problems but I might alleviate some pain...
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Re: BT Infinity - Constant problems recently

Hi Jim_S, a few basic questions;


1.  Do you use static AND dynamic IP addresses on your network?


2.  If Dynamic only, I assume you have set up your HH to serve IP addresses to your networkeither using 192. or 10. adresses?


3.  When you get the problem again try opening the Command Window (CMD in run), then enter 'ipconfig /release', followed by 'ipconfig /renew' after waiting for a minute or two.  What happens, is it now working?  What this does is release the DHCP address and then ask for an IP address from the DHCP server (the HH).


By the sound of the symptoms it is more likely to be Windows having difficulty connecting to the HH and not the broadband at all.


What I normally do when I get this is to temporarily set a static address known to be available and free (not in use either as a static or dynamicaly assigned address).  Allow the system to connect and then set the system back to DHCP addressing.


TCP/IP can be a real pain at times and it is quite feasible that the TCP stack has become corrupted (techie talk).


Let us know.

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