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BT Infinity Customer Service - Customer Satisfaction Survey

I called BT today about an issue with my broadband. Before being connected, I was asked if I would be happy to take part in a customer service survey at the end of the call.... I said yes.


After the call was handled by someone in BT's non-uk call centre, I received a call back. HOWEVER, this time it was not from an automated system, it was from someone else in the non-uk call centre (a guy called Ashuk). He told me to rate the service I had received on a scale of 1-7. He told me that 1 was 'good', 2 was 'average' and 3-7 meant there was a problem. Odd! To me a 3 or 4 sits in the middle of a 1-7 scale. 


I queried this and was told again that '2' was average. After I pushed it, the guy changed the scale and told me that 3 was average. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Was put through to Nalndan. I asked him what was happening but several times he changed his story. After I pushed it further he just threw me on hold.... after 15 mins, I gave up. Clearly he had just decided to not want to deal with me because I had identified they were trying to fix the ratings system.


It all sounded very fishy and I suspect the call ops are calling people and giving them fake rating scales in order to make the service look better than it actually is.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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