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BT Infinity Down for 10 days and no-one in BT "owns" the problem

Can someone help me please?


10 days ago my BT Infinity went down. The day after it went down an Openreach man tuned up. He used some test equipment to check the line. He also replaced the Openreach modem and BT HomeHub 3. The fault was still there and he said "It's not an Openreach problem. It's a BT Retail problem with the "Authentication" servers. Go back to BT Retail".


I went back to BT Retail who said "No - it's an Openreach problem and it will be fixed by the 25th". This worried me as I was left with the impression no-one was owning the problem. But as they gave me a resolution date I went with it.

As you can probably guess, as of yesterday the problem was still not fixed.


Back on to the phone to BT Retail last night who have arranged for another Openreach Engineer to arrive on Monday. That will then be 2 weeks without any broadband. But I know before he arrives it will be the same result. Openreach will say it's the BT Retail Authentication Servers. BT Retail will blame BT Openreach.


All 3 green lights on the Openreach Modem are on. The Power and Wireless lights on the HomeHub 3 are continuous Blue, while the Broadband light is continuous Orange.


I have reset the Modem and HomeHub 3 loads of times. As did the Openreach man when he was here. With the HomeHub I have also done the hard reset using a paperclip to reset the small button, which I assume clears everything to the factory condition.


I've run the BT Desktop Help software on it.

Any clues anyone, as BT themselves don't.

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Re: BT Infinity Down for 10 days and no-one in BT "owns" the problem

Sorry but if i was you i would tell them cancel the contract why are you the customer asked to go back to Bt/Openreach thats their job to provide the service. If it is authentication then the only people that can resolve it are one of the two offenders. Problems i find with BT is its too fragmented,who takes the blame who is liable Bt/Openreach/Bt Wholesale? They are working for you, you shouldn't need to get involved in all of this and the call centre in Delhi well lets put it this way most of the things they say isn't true.

Anyway what you could do is log into the home hub and make sure the user name is the password should be left blank. Pull every device connected to the phoneline out ie Sky, phone ect and see it you can get internet. Hope that helps
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Re: BT Infinity Down for 10 days and no-one in BT "owns" the problem

Contact the mods (link below), it may take 3 days for them to reply but they will take ownership of it until resolved.

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Re: BT Infinity Down for 10 days and no-one in BT "owns" the problem

You can bypass the authentication server by using the following usernames instead of


See if any of those work
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