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BT Infinity Drop Outs

Hey guys,

So, over the past few months my connection to BT seems to be getting worse and worse.  I now pay £50 a month for a Broadband Service that is starting to really annoy the entire family.

I don't know if it's regular to cut out every couple of days randomly or if this is the norm.  I kind of think that today takes the biscuit...four dropouts today is just not acceptable, especially as the cost of it is, to be honest very high.

On the whole, BT Infinity provides a good speed, well enough for all the kids, wife and my gaming / streaming needs.

I have phoned BT a few days ago and the lady did a reset or something, but now the cut outs are back.  My router goes Orange randomly and takes roughly 2 - 3 minutes to come back again.  This happens at any time of day or night and doesn't matter what's connected or not.

I have phoned the 17070 number to test the line, which works well.  

I have reset the router, changed the filter several times in fact, in case of a dodgy filter.

Should I phone BT again and see how I get on, or is there any other advice you can give?

I am using a Home Hub 5 - should I upgrade it?  If so, to which one?

Thank you in advance for your help and consideration... 🙂

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Re: BT Infinity Drop Outs

Ok start by doing a quite line test by calling 17070 and picking option 2, if there is noise on the line then report a phone fault, not broadband.

If there is no noise and the line test is all fine I would say stop restarting and disconnecting the broadband. Let it go orange by itself for a few days. It could just be resyncing. Constant restarting and disconnects makes BT’s network mark your line as unstable and lowers speed and resync often. Leave it plugged in and on, no restarting or taking out the dsl cable like you have been doing. Do an online troubleshoot from BT’s website, if the problem persists after a few days contact BT.

It might also be possible that the hub is just dying, try buying a 3rd party vdsl modem router from amazon, so you can return it if it doesn’t fix the problem, give it maybe a week and see how it goes. TP link make some decent ones. You can also try replacing the DSL cable.
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Re: BT Infinity Drop Outs

Many thanks for your quick reply.

I shall do just that.

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