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BT Infinity: Engineer has failed to turn up 5 times!!! Someone please help!

Please can someone offer some advice I'm at my wits end, after 30 phone calls, speaking to over 50 people, over 5 hours of calls, repeating the same story over and over I'm still no where near getting what I've paid for! BT are possible the worst company I've ever dealt with! 


It all started when I put a request in on the 3rd February for a home move as I was going to move in with my partner and take my BT broadband over with me (got it for the free Sport). They pursuaded me to upgarde to Infinity which I was happy to do and an appointment was booked for the 7th March. So on the 7th I took half a day off and waiting for the engineer to turn up as they said he needs to do something to the box inside for me to get infinity, well as you can guess he didn't turn up. When I contacted BT I was informed the line had been activated but the engineer couldn't find the address, and he tried contacting me on an old number. They then informed me that the earliest appointment was on the 21st March! I said this was unexceptable as I had booked this is over a month ago and they then agreed and they decided to fast track me in for the 10th. I again took another half day off and yes the engineer didn't turn up again, the reason this time is that they said that it hadn't been booked correctly and they were 'ever so sorry' and they could then book me in for either on 2 slots of the 13th or one slot on the 14th. They said I would get a call by8pm on the 12th to confirm which slot the engineer was coming to. I didn't get a call so my partner stayed home all of Thursday just in case. When I contacted BT on the Thursday evening they said that the engineer was turning up Friday morning. I took another day off and as you can guess again there was a no show! The same reason was used that the engineer couldn't find the place and that he'd tried calling (no he didn't)! I had actually got through to a guy who admitted that I had been lied to a few times! He then booked a fast track appointment for today the 20th and I booked off another half day, I was told that the engineering team had accepted the the meeting and he would be showing up from 1-6pm! Guess what? Still another no show! Reason? couldn't find the place, which is a total lie as this time I had put a big meter sign with BT and an arrow written on it!


I've now put in a complaint but I know nothing is going to be done about it! How can a company treat people like this? I looked on these forums and it seems it's quite common for BT to lie - surely OFCOM should be fining them millions - whats the point of OFCOM if they just sit back and let this happen?


BT has cost me over £350 as I'm on contract work and don't get paid for days off, but from what I see all they're intitled to give me is £10 for each missed appointment and 4 months free service which I would get anyway if the service I ordered isn't completed in 13 days but they will only look into this once it's 'RESOLVED' but when will that be?


I've phoned Sky and they've said with them they can give me fiber optic without an engineer turning up and it will take no more than 5 days. It looks like I'm going to go with them tomorrow as BT have not got a clue!


I wish there was a group of people that would join together to take legal action that I could join but I guess that's just fantasy, a bit like BT engineers! Does anyone know if they're breaking the law by doing this and lieing to the customers?


Needless to say I'm warning everyone I can to stay away from BT as they make your life a living hell! 


Your thoughts and help would be appreciated 🙂

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Re: BT Infinity: Engineer has failed to turn up 5 times!!! Someone please help!

Hi Mark197801,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting. Reading your post it does sound like you have been through a bit of a nightmare with your recent order. I would like to take a look at your order to see whats gone wrong. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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