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BT Infinity - External RTE and no master socket

I have recently moved into a new house  where BT have installed an external NTE, so there is no master socket inside the house.  Does anyone know how this will affect the installation of BT infinity? 


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Re: BT Infinity - External RTE and no master socket

By a new house I assume it is not new build. I would not expect there to be a problem unless it has a lots of internal extensions. Infinity will not work with a star type of wiring and the enginer will have to either disconnect or rewire those extensions. He/she will ft a new master socket with two outlets one for the modem and one for all voice lines which do not need filters fitted. A lot of problems with broadband speeds are down to poor internal wiring so having them removed may not be a loss given that DECT phones work really well.


The engineers are normally  fairly helpful although a forum advice is to provide tea/coffee and biscuits. 

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Re: BT Infinity - External RTE and no master socket



We've had 2 OR guys call in the past 2 months and neither wanted a drink!


Seriously though, ensure that all your phones work before the OR person leaves, and ensure that bringing up the dial tone doesn't disconnect your broadband.


The first guy who installed our Infinity, didn't know how to rewire our star system, so just left things as they were - changing the most convienient socket to a master.


We've ended up having to use a adsl filter on our upstairs extension - without the filter, the phone didn't ring and picking up the phone disconnected our broadband. The reason we have a corded phone is that during a powere cut, dect (wireless) phones don't work, whereas an old fashioned corded phone will still work - assuming that a power cut at the local cabinet doesn't cut off the phone service?



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