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BT Infinity FTTP

Hello,. I have BT infinity FTTC currently and from the cabinet we have old overhead copper wiring servicing the house. I have been reading that bt are going to ramp up the vdsl to 80meg next spring and FTTP to 300.. What I would like to know is if i was to pay would be be winning to upgrade my connecting to FTTP? Also when the bT engineer was at my home he said he :thought: BT might be upgrading the overhead cabling in the area and burying it in duct underground sometime in the future, If this was the case would it still be copper or would we be upgraded to fibre?


Another thing while im on the forum,. Why do BT block my torrents in the evening? What bt needs to know is that NOT all torrents are illegal downloads and by blocking me for sharing files with my firends in this way they are contravening my human rights and invading my privacy.


Lastly, why is the pings on my bt infinity package so poor,. from leaving sky they have doubled to every server in the UK on I also had BE/o2 broadband in my previous house and they are much quicker (and further from the exchange)

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Re: BT Infinity FTTP

I would also like to know about the grades to the over head cables, we don't have fttc yet, it's been rolled out in a perfect circle of a radius of 2 miles around my street... litterally around my street and were like the epicenter that doesn't get it! another story so never mind that.


But my street has over head cables and underground service ducts, they only fitted Broadband on this street in 2005, would be interesting if they upgraded the fttp though.

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Re: BT Infinity FTTP

I believe that it is still possible to feed customers with FTTP via poles. So a replacement programme would poss not be necessary.

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