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BT Infinity + Gaming on Xbox One



I'm thinking of switching over from Virgin to BT Infinity for my broadband (I've checked and it is something I can get in my street), to cut a long story short, I'm supposed to be on the best Virgin Broadband package for gaming (I shouldn't even be subject to no traffic management but I am) due to over-utilisation in my area that reportedly won’t get fixed till December 17 and constant high latency from Virgin's Superhub 3, I'm not and I've had enough.


Before I make the decision if BT infinity is any good or just as bad, I'm wondering what other people's experiences are with BT Infinity and especially with a Netduma Router connected as well to help with the jitter (aka buffer bloat).


I know with every ISP there will be jitter but what I have purchased thinking it would help me with my Virgin problem (which clearly it hasn't) to help with the online gaming side of things but clearly won't with the over-utilisation and constant high latency from the Superhub 3.


And if anyone's interest in my current setup its Superhub 3 (in modem mode) connected to a TP Link router thats controlling the bandwidth for other devices between a certain ip rang and the Netduma plugged into that controlling the bandwidth for the Xbox One



Also the following graph is what I'm having to put up with and it's not even changed since it started on the 23rd May


My Broadband Ping - Virgin

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