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BT Infinity, How am i connected? How is this working

Ok, So i have BT Infinity, im supposed to get a speed of 35mbs max but i average 20-22mbs. I have a new tp-link modem router that has 3 very powerful external aerials. I cannot get this to work.


My current setup provided by BT is as follows. They sent me a homehub 5, and i connected it to my 20+ year old phone line. They didnt send an engineer to the house, i have had no faceplate changed, i dont have an openreach modem.


What can i do to replace the Homehub 5 with my modem/router i already have. Do i need a "VDSL" modem, i would presume if the connection i currently have needed any special hardware, like an openreach modem i would have that already.


Ive tried calling technical support and when i asked them what a suitable replacement modem/router would be, they replied "Netgear".....well that was helpful, not.


I have no idea what sort of connection i have here, it is just coming down the regular phoneline and nothing else. I just have a homehub 5 and pay for BT Infinity. Please if someone knows what i can replace my homehub 5 with, it would be a godsend.

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Re: BT Infinity, How am i connected? How is this working

I don't have infinity but this may be of initial help.

Your router/modem must be a VDSL model. If it is just a router then you need the modem which people buy from a well known auction site.

The HH5 is an integrated VDSL modem and router. Infinity 1 installations are now done by the user with no engineer visits - have you installed any filters as they will still be needed on your master socket and any extensions that are in use ( presumably yes as you have a phone connection to the master)


What was your speed immediately after you set up the HH5? There will be a training period where the speed will go up and down BUT try to minimise any disconnections by yourself as the DLM will regard these as problems on the line and will reduce your speed.


Can you post the results of the following test - after running further diagnostics


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