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BT Infinity Keeps dropping connection and also intemintent slow speeds.

I switched over to BT infinity a couple of weeks ago and since i switched over my internet connection has been dropping out every so often and also the speed of the line seems to be much slower than what it was on my old copper line.


I have seen quite a few people report similar problems without resolution, so though i'd post on here to see if BT forums can actually offer the service they sell.


My phone works fine and i have ran speed tests with BT broadband speed checker which shows my speed as being quite good at the moment, but then other times it could show it as being pretty bad.


Any advise would be much Appreciated







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Re: BT Infinity Keeps dropping connection and also intemintent slow speeds.

We all have this  see this topic.


Six months ago  I had a similar problem of sometimes good sometimes bad download speeds.  eventually they fixed it but had to swear at support for the 12th  phone call to them to get an engineer out I think support only get paid if they fix the fault themselves over the phone.  The engineer said the problem was due to my phone line all the way to the green box was over 40 years old. He replaced it and it's been great untill today  Windows says its a DNS server problem  which many are reporting in right now seems to be  ok for the last 10 mins.

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