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BT Infinity... Next Joke!

Ok so we've just moved to a new house and had signed up for BT Infinity after the website clearly states it is available "now".


The engineers came on friday to get it all set up and came across some problems. They said they'll let us know when it will be fixed monday.


Mondays here and they call us saying theres now apparently a problem with our cabinet and they can't get any engineers out until friday(which is a joke if you ask me). They also said it could still be weeks/months until its fixed. They then say if we want ordinary broadband it is only 80p cheaper than infinity and if we switch to another provider for our broadband we will have to pay a £130 line connection charge(plus whatever our new provider charges as a connection cost).


Spoke to someone in customer services about this and she did not want to help at all. She didn't even try to see if the engineers could come any sooner or offer us an alternative such as a 30day adsl broadband package contract or something of the sort.


Can someone from BT get in touch with me asap regarding this on the forums as its beyond a joke.

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Re: BT Infinity... Next Joke!

this is a community forum where customers help customers and only BT employees are the forum mods.


obviously you need BT help so you can try online help and if that fails you can contact the mods 

contact mods

can take up to 3 working days for mods to contact you

live chat

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