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BT Infinity Ordered as an Upgrade to BT Broadband

Well I bit the bullet and placed an online order to upgrade my existing ADSL BT Broadband to Bt Infinity.


The order seems to have gone through OK, but I'm just a bit concerned by a couple of things in the confirmation email.


Firstly the wording is all phrased/tensed as if this is an new activation (it is of Infinity!). Is it normal for no mention of an upgrade taking place?


Secondly I have two lines in my house, BT Broadband being on the second. Although I provided the correct telephone number at order time, the confirmation email does not mention this but does right at the end mention my primary telephone number as "You will need this if contacting us".


Is this just a poorly worded email, or is here some way of checking the actual order? I tried the tracking and nothing there gives any clues. I know I could ring up, but I'm not sure I can face that.

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Re: BT Infinity Ordered as an Upgrade to BT Broadband

It will be down as a new activation as it needs an engineer out to install.


As regards the primary/secondary number issue I shouild imagine the primary is always your contact number. You could either wait to confirm with the engineer or bite the bullet and ring sales in the morning (hopefully UK) for confirmation.

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