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BT Infinity Signal Strength Problems

I had Infinity installed about 4 weeks ago. It's been ok, had an engineer out once (initially badly installed by BT's outsourced engineer) and all seemed ok. But in the last week the signal strength from the router has tanked. Close to the router I can achieve 50mbps download speed but downstairs (only 10 meters total and good line of site) it tanks to around 2mbps and loses connection almost immediately.  Since its installation I've had real problems streaming video - especially BBC iPlayer content.


Downstairs, my Mac and iPhone have real problems connecting to the Home Hub 3. My wife's windows laptop seems to connect ok as does my Apple TV 1. 


I did a search on KisMac and next to the router the signal strength is 40+ but downstairs it drops to less than 10. I've changed the channel from automatic to 11 then 6 then 3. I also downgraded to b/g (from b/g/n). 


I've spent hours online to BT's indian call centre with various customer service staff and technicians but they just don't seem to understand the challenges I'm having. They get me fixed and then within minutes of the call ending the problem returns...  


Has anyone experienced similar and found a solution? It would be most appreciated if you could share - like I'm sure you have done - I'm tearing my hair out on this one....especially as I was so happy with Home Hub 2....



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Re: BT Infinity Signal Strength Problems

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Re: BT Infinity Signal Strength Problems

Thanks Keith - much appreciated. I'm not nearly as technically literate as you but should be able to see my way through some of those solutions.  A question for you - do you think that my best solution would be to connect a wireless repeater to a powerline adapter?  If so, I could run the wireless signal to the downstairs of my house and then plug into a repeater.


Also, based on what I've described my situation to be do you think the best solution would be to replace the Home Hub 3 with a suggestion from your list?


I also have Time Capsule and I'm wondering whether I should point the Mac and iPhones at Time Capsule and the PC at the Home Hub 3? 

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