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BT Infinity Speed Issues and horrible customer service yet again

Having had BT Infinity now for almost a year I had no issues until recently. I was getting speeds of between 70 and 73mb and 2 weeks ago this dropped to 37mb and then even further to 23mb. I contacted the atrocious technical help team and repeated all the steps I had already taken, resetting the home hub, resetting infinity modem, unplugging the home hub, unplugging infinity modem, replacing Ethernet cable and still no difference. I was then told there was no fault on my line and there was nothing BT can do.


I then contacted BT again the next day and after repeating all the above steps yet again I was then told BT would send me a new home hub 3 as this may be the problem. This came and I plugged it in and still speeds did not change. I then contacted BT via live chat and got someone who proceeded to try to tell me that I had to give my router a few days to break in and then speeds would increase, now I'm no Bill Gates when it comes to broadband but even I know that a router does not need time to break in for speeds to increase. He then told me as he couldn't see a fault on my line he would not be sending an engineer out and I didn't need a call from the BT 1st line technical team.


I then contacted BT's 1st line technical team directly and spoke to a nice lady who checked my line and advised there had been a fault all the time and then arranged for an engineer to visit today to repair this.


An engineer came out today and after a few short tests advised me there was no fault and that my speeds had been capped by BT down to 23mb. He then connected his computer to my main infinity socket and after a short time my speeds went up to 59mb which was a great improvement on the capped but still not near where I was originally getting.


I have not contacted BT yet but rest assured I will be on the phone at the weekend to be reimbursed for the money I have paid for a higher speed broadband and also for an explanation as to WHY they decide to cap my speed.


I left BT a number of years ago because of lack of customer service and the lack of respect for their customers and now that other companies can offer fibre optic broadband through the BT line I will be leaving once again once my contract is finished.


Silly me for trusting and believing BT again.

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