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BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

I have another post outstanding - but I guess its been answered as well as its likely to be.



However, a question re the BT speed results. My Infinity speed seems to vary wildly during the day.


My profile is 31011 and seems to remain there. No idea what my connection speed is (see post above 😉 )


During the day although the profile is 31M I hardly ever get above 26M and its usually around 22M actual throughput. Does that seem a large gap between the profile and the throughput?


However, in the evening around 18:00ish the speed usually collapses, one night so far it didn't, all others it has. Tonight the speed test bar was red (its been red a few times before) with a speed throughput tonight of 5631, yes less than 6M. Thats seems a big difference and a large drop to me.


The speed tester says anything below 12M-ish is below the acceptable range and I guess thats why the bar is red.



Ive not had Infinity for long, about 6 days, so I guess it may still be settling in. But is this likely to be a fault or just BTs poxy over-congested netowrk being badly underprovided for the peak traffic.


I'll carry on testing and monitoring over the next few days and see if it gets better, but it seems a wild swing for me, and I've never been near the profile on any test. Should I expect a near-profile speed at any time?


( CM post code area, east of London outside M25) 


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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

Just tested again this morning 9:55am, D/L speed bar is RED again and the speed was recorded as 11139. Profile still at 31011. gave 9.6M


Thats slow isnt it? and the bar is once again below BTs accepted for the service.


I thought before I took this infinity contract out that maybe I should try another ISP, but I thought "no newer technology, shorter 'real' wire line, it must be good". I'm begining to wish I had tried sky now 😞 At least I'd be paying less if the speed was no better.



I mean, come on BT, thats virtually 20M between the profile and the actual throughput. Thats surely not on.


EDIT >>> A few miles down the road a friend has Infinity, fortunately for him on a different exchange. As I was getting 11M he was getting 35M. Is the Internet just congested in my town?


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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

I dont think you will get any satisfactory answers on this on either

There are many infinty users convinced that BT have failed to keep up with demand on infinity with the results you are seeing


good luck with it

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

Hi George222


Sorry to read of the problems your having with Infinity can I ask have you spoken with Infinity Technical Help on this issue prevously? Send me an email to the email address in my profile. Please remember to include your BT account number, telephone number and a link to this thread.


Mark the subject field FAO Stuart BT Infinity Speed Issue.


I will do my best to try to get this issue investigated and resolved.



Community ModeratorStuartH
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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results



Thanks for the reply.


I have not spoken yet with Infinity support as, without meaning to be nasty, I'd had poor experience with the 'off-shore' based support for my previous upto 8 and upto 20 systems. They both also used to run very slowly at times and despite repeated calls and emails I got nowhere and eventually gave up. I was hoping the new technology would improve things.


But, I'm a new user to Infinity and then found this useful forum. I have only had Infinity for a week or so, and wasnt sure if it was still settling in (training?) Does Infinity 'train' as I was told the older 8-20 system do?


I'll log my speed test results at various times over the next few days and see if anything improves and post back, and if its still a problem email you.




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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

StuartT H,


Heres some results from the last few days:


Date/Time            Profile     D/L speed    U/L speed    Download Bar showing red

4-1-11 : 09:35        31011        18002        8105

4-1-11 : 18:00        31011         5631        7810            yes

5-1-11 : 09:55        31011        11139        2071            yes

5-1-11 : 15:20        31011        23075        8164

5-1-11 : 17:01        31011        15989        8134

6-1-11 : 09:35        31011        16972        7920

6-1-11 : 18:32        31011        15609        8216

6-1-11 : 21:35        31011        16685        8127

7-1-11 : 12:50        31011        17065        7756

7-1-11 : 15:36        31011         9601        7982            yes

7-1-11 : 18:19        31011        13143        4016

8-1-11 : 00:06        31011        23002        8152

8-1-11 : 19:58        31011        15099        8143

9-1-11 : 13:16        31011        16070        8166

9-1-11 : 20:33        31011         4464        8109            yes



Hope they make sense and 'layout' OK.


So the profile has appeared to remain a constant 31011, but on three occasions the download speed has fallen to less than 10M and in total on four occasions the speed test bar has been red, lower than BTs recomended minimum level on the test site.

Also, the highest I've ever had was 23075 D/L, which is very nearly 8M below the profile speed. Thats seems a lot to just chuck away?


These figures are closely matched by the tester when I've used that just after to confirm.


The Infinity line was installed on 29-12-10, so it is reasonably new. Is that likely to be a cause? (doubt it).



I'll carry on monitoring for a few days to see, and then get back if its still bad. But I'd be grateful for any thoughts or comments.






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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

Apolgies to cut in on this thread, but could you let me know if you managed to get your issue resolved. I have an identical problem and would appreciate any help in getting it resolved.
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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

having similar problem to, 5mb reduced in speed for me.

how do you have find out your profile speed ?
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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

You have not made it clear in your post how you are connecting to your hub, Wired or Wifi.
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Re: BT Infinity - Speed Test Results

Sorry for the lack in detail. I have tried both wireless and the wifi and both have speed issues - I have also tried bypassing the Home Hub 3, using the Ethernet cable direct into the Echolife modem but problems persist. Additionally, also managed to try a second Echolife modem to see if problem was a modem fault, but no luck in fixing issue.
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