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BT Infinity Speed down to 4mb from 38...conection issues



I wish I would have red this forum before I decided to use BT as my internet provider.

To start with I had to wait 1.5 month to get internet in my house. Then after few days boadband started to conect and disconet many times per day for no reason known to me. Ok , they sent me new broadband, which was working ok for couple weeks and then started to do the same thing...And now already month my speed is completely down from 38ms to 2-5 mb (download), upload is below 1mb. But they do not forget to charge me monthly bill. I have contacted them many time, Im tired of giving all of them same answers on exact same questions. One even said it is my device and operating sistem that couses this fault - seriously??

Then as got very **bleep** off, i contacted cancelation team - got a chance to speak with first person who could proply speak english and actualy undesrtood what I am saying. He said that they could sent an engineer, but if the fault will be faund in wiering sistem inside my house (all cabels and wires pulled in their own engineer, and no one have touched them since, and cables are new, as Im new customer) then I will be charged 130 paunds - does someone can explain me why I have to pay for their own fault??? I wouldnt say anything that if i would have a dog and he would chewed off cables. But why I should pay for them not doing their job proply and providing what they promise in contract (by the way I would actualy want to see the contract between me and BT, have never seen anything similar to that)


And if I would like to cancel my service with them i would be charged of 199 pounds? Really??

Why I need to pay for it, if I dont cancell it just becouse for no reason, but because they do not provide what they promised and never have had, and plus their technical help service is **bleep**- they just copy paste general questions, and say that there is no fault everything is fine.


And as last, person from cancelation team said that they have put me in line for some speacial team who will fix fault from their side in next 72 hours - gues what - that he said 08.05.15 friday, now is 14.05.15 and still nothing have changed and definately no one have bin in contact with me. and internet speed is worse than ever!


I will better pay a solicitor to get this deal canceled with no charge, than pay BT even one pound for nothin. As far as I know as a consumer I have rights to cancel any service with no charge if the company doesnt not provide what they promised!!!


IF here is anyone from BT that can do the right thing

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Re: BT Infinity Speed down to 4mb from 38...conection issues

this is a customer help customer forum - your post does not go to BT


in order for the forum members to try and help you can you enter into your browser address bar and then enter hub manager then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and post the stats you see


can you run btspeedtester and when first test completes then run diagnostic test that follows and post results





can you enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number



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