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BT Infinity - Yet another disaster

Been a BT phone & Broadband customer for years, advised on Nov 20th I was moving home.  Gave full details of new address, operator checked phone line and said no problem setting up phone and broadband.


Moved in Dec 19th (a MONTH later) phone on but no broadband.  Called BT, apparently an issue at the exchange, to be fixed today.  Not fixed, still no broadband.


Called again, apparently there is no order for broadband for me, new order havs to be placed today with activation date of 2nd Jan!!  Have tried everything to get someone who can help to do something  . . . . . .


The only reason I am aware of all of this is because I kept calling BT, nobody was going to call me to let me know the original order had fallen off a cliff due to internal BT process issues. 


I am at a loss of how to escalate this issue - I was prepared well in advance so that I would be connected over the holiday period and all I can get out of BT is non-commital.  Any help or advice very appreciated, I have emailed and called and requested call backs but no response from BT telling me when I will be connected.


You have to wonder, is this because I am an existing customer rather than a brand new one?

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Re: BT Infinity - Yet another disaster

Hi Lulubuick,


Welcome to the community forum. I am sorry to read that your home mover order has been delayed. I'd like to take a look at your order to see what is going on. Please could you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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