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BT Infinity - advice with wiring please

We’re currently using BT Total Broadband but are planning to upgrade to BT Infinity in the next few days.


I’ve been through the Infinity help section on the BT website and also read a large number of posts on the Forum, so am aware of how everything should be set up and the need to use the data extension kit instead of running wires under carpets.


The issue I’d really appreciate some advice on is what happens when the only option is to run the DSL cable from the master phone socket to the Openreach modem under a carpet?


We have just the one phone socket (which enters the house by the front door) and our existing BT hub is plugged into a power socket on an internal wall in the opposite corner of the hall.  The two have been connected by a 2-3 metre DSL cable under the carpet since we switched to Broadband five years ago.


If we upgraded to BT Infinity, the hub location couldn’t change as the hall is the only area which gives us full wireless coverage throughout the house and we only have this one power socket in there.  I know that relocating the master phone socket is an option, but we’re going to be faced with this same problem wherever it enters the house.  We could use the data extension kit, but if wires can’t go under carpets, it would have to run up one side of the stairs, all around the landing and then back down the other side of the stairs.  This would be well in excess of the 30m maximum length and isn’t something which we’d be keen to entertain anyway!


From what I can see, our only options are:


1)      Use our existing DSL cable (which is already under the carpet) to connect the phone socket to the Openreach modem; or

2)      Use the data extension kit from the phone socket to the bottom of the stairs and then go under the carpet along the first riser (where the wire wouldn’t be trodden on) to the Openreach modem.  


I just wondered if anybody else has been faced with a similar problem or has experience of an engineer using their discretion to permit wires under carpets in such circumstances?


Many thanks in advance for any help or assistance you can provide me with



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Re: BT Infinity - advice with wiring please

Hi Just talk to the engineer they are very helpful just have plenty of tea and cakes around
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