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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

Hello Paul, and everyone else who has been following this issue.


I had another big to do with BT about this and after India accepted I might have a point! They arranged for Technical to call me.  When the call was returned, it was from "Sales" telling me I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!  I referred to this Forum and was told that I shouldn't believe everything I read!!!.


I decided to have another go at upgrading but it still insisted I would lose my BB Talk and I had to agree to continue.  Logged Out.


A couple of hours later, as if by magic, I received a BT sales call advising me that "Infinity" was available in my area and would I like to have it?


I said I would but pointed out the problems discussed here.  The person I spoke to listened to my concerns and asked me to send him the links to this discussion and the Downloaded Infinity Hub 2 Manual.  He phoned me back later and said he had discussed it with his Manager and accepted that BT had some issues with BB Talk and that they had been told that Officially BB Talk does not work with "Infinity" however he would like to try and upgrade me from his end, but if the outcome was "unacceptable" I would not have to continue.


We went through the Infinity Order and surprise surprise when we had finished it confirmed me as having BBTalk Anytime with my existing Number.


He went on to say that this has happened in a large number of cases for existing customers who use their BB Talk service, and inferred it only happens when BT phone you and "offer" you the service, not if you request it off your own back!


When I had it installed a few weeks ago it worked immediately and is still working.


I have since been lead to understand that the reason it is listed as "Incompatible with Infinity" is because of the rollout of the Type 3 "Hub" which does not support the hub phones, I suppose once the stock of Type 2 "Hubs" have been exhausted then that will be that.


Hope the above helps





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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

But in the meantime, bearing in mind the bbtalk number is mainly useful when out and about especially abroad, I can confirm that it works great on an HTC Desire HD (android not windoze) using 3rd party software (sipdroid) over a 3rd party internet network (not allowed to mention 3rd party operators in here).

Why do upgrades always come with a downgrade
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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

@george340 wrote:

I have been on Infinity since April 2010,  ( sucker for new technology ) and have had a hub phone,

connected to the Infinity hub, working perfectly since my Infinity upgrade.

It works, never had a problem, use it as my second line and would not like to lose it.


I  have a BT vision box connected, 3 wired pc's and 2 wireless pc's,  never had a problem.

Looks like I will not be requesting a new hub, which will be a first for me !






I'm very confused. I thought I read that the HH3 is not a DECT base station?! How is your hub phone connected to the hub? Can it still plug into the front or do you just have a power cable to the Hub Phone base and use it free-standing?

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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

I still have the original Infinity hub (2) that's why I will not be going for the new version 3 and lose my bb talk. regards G
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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

I have the Type 2 Infinity hub not the type 3, hence BB Talk still works.
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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

Ah. Penny drops! Thanks for that guys.

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Re: BT Infinity & Broadband Talk

Can we be sure that our Broadband Talk telephone numbers are safe from being pulled in the future?


Being able to rely on a telephone number you have not being taken away unless you do something major (move, cancel account, don't pay bill) is something that we've been able to rely on for decades.


I've searched in vain across the web for any substantive annoucement on the future of broadband talk and this topic does seem to be the only substantive source of information anywhere due to Kerry's posts and the supporting anecdotal evidence from users.


Exciting new services are one thing but if you loose a number that's important to you then it can be a big blow.


So, for how long will the existing Broadband talk service endure for users who don't upgrade / change services? Or what is the minium time the existing service will devinitely endure for?


Will existing numbers be transferable to new services?


If the service will end without number transfers to new services will BT allow the numbers to be ported to other suppliers?


I notice the online help topics have changed slightly over the last month - whereas before it was full of how you could keep the number if you moved, now it says you may or may not.


A definitive statement on the status and future of the Broadband talk service would be valuable rather than the current uncertanty.


Can you help with this Kerry?

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