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BT Infinity and Apple Time Capsule

Hello there.


I'm all excited as the engineer is coming on Fri to install Infinity as it'll be a massive step up from my crappy old 3MB BT BB.


I have a question for anyone who's using their Infinity with an Apple wifi system.


At the moment I have my BB router in my study coming off a normal telephone extension wall socket. The router then goes into my Apple Time Capsule and into my Mac Pro via an ethernet cable and round the house wifi using the Airport extreme part of the Time Capsule.


My main problem is going to be that the main socket to which the Infinity modem has to be connected is in my lounge. I know that the engineer will install a cable to my study but it will be near the 30m limit stated on the BT website. Also I'm afraid it might look untidy and I'll get strife from the wife!


So my other option might be let the engineer set up the homehub in the lounge and then to swap the homehub with the Apple TC (still in the lounge) once the engineer has left and put an Apple Express in my study with an ethernet cable running from it into the Mac Pro.


The problem is that whilst the Apple TC is 802.11n, the Apple Expresses that I have around the house are all 802.11g. I think I've read that it will cause my wifi network to default to the 802.11g limit. Will this be fast enough to make the most of my Infinity download speed?


I've also ordered one of the new Apple TV boxes. Does anyone know if a 802.11g network will be fast enough to have this run to it's max potential?


Sorry for all the questions but I'm just looking for a 'plan of action' before Friday!


Thanks very much for any help.

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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Time Capsule



I have Infinity which is connected in my study to what was an extension socket but was changed over by the Openreach engineer to become the main socket. I'm getting 37Mbit down, 8 Mbit up so the switch has not damaged speed.


As for the other questions, while not directly comparable I'm running a BT Vision box and a Mac Mini (as a media server) via HomePlugs and there are no performance issues whatsoever.


Hope that is at least a bit helpful - keep us posted how you get on!



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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Time Capsule

Hi I don't have Apple gear but the Home Hub you get with Infinity is 802.11n compatible and my work laptop connects to it at around 130 Mbits as it has a n card installed. My own laptop has a g card and connect at 54 Mbits as do the various audio streamers I use. 


I use high speed powerline adapters for streaming video to my PS3 and TV as I found that wireless links drop frames from which I conclude there is insufficient headroom on a g connection but this is a large house. 


Note that to swap the Home Hub with Apple Express successfully you will have to configure that router to connect to the modem over RJ45 ethernet using PPOE. The Home Hub has had one of its switches ports modified to be a WAN ethernet connection rather than using the ADSL port.

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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Time Capsule

I've got BT Infinity installed (soooo much better than the 1mbs I was getting with O2!) and I'm curious to know if I can replace my BT Infinity Home Hub with an Apple Time Capsule.  From everything I've read I think it's possible, but just wanted to know if others already have this setup and working.



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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Time Capsule

From my experience, there is NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with BT Infinity over an Apple Time Capsule, or indeed an Airport Basestation.


When I was converted to Infinity last year the engineer set it up with the HomeHub, but while he was still here we swapped over to my Airport Extreme Basestation, and it worked a treat.


Since then I've switched over completely to Mac, and I have replaced my AEBS with a 1TB Time Capsule. Again, Infinity works a treat over it.


(In fact Infinity suits the Apple gear better than standard BB, because BT now supply the modem as a separate unit from the HomeHub with Infinity, so there's no need to buy your own.)


Hope this helps.

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