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BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere

Hi - I've been a BT Broadband user for a number of years and an Option 3 user since the start, and now that my exchange has been upgraded to allow Infinity, I asked for the upgrade. Was given a date for the installation but the engineer didn't show. Contacted BT who said that I couldn't have Infinity as I had a BT Mobile Phone package (with HTC S620) and the two will not work together. Thanks for letting me know as I'd taken the morning off to await the engineers arrival!


I subsequently asked whether I could cancel the mobile package - BT Customer Options said subject to cancellation charges, and will not budge from this stance even though the Infinity package more than makes up the difference in revenue.


Seems odd to me that having been a customer for a long time and wanting to upgrade my BB service  that I would be charged cancellation on a service that will not work with the new hardware!


Perhaps someone from BT could explain, 

  1. Why the Mobile service will not work with infinity,  
  2. Why this extremely intransigent stance has been taken especially as BT can't provide a continued Mobile Phone service if I move to Infinity, and finally
  3. Will the Mobile Phone Service be fixed to work with Infinity and if so when?
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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere



Welcome to the forums.


This is quite a new issue, with the introduction of Infinity, it's not something I am totally familiar with but we would like to look into it for you to find out what the story is.


Can you drop me an email to with your BT account number, telephone number and a link to this thread.





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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere

I have e-mailed the required information.

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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere



I have exactly the same issue with the slight difference that I have a new HTC Touch2 phone. I would like to be kept informed of any news or updates you find.


You may be interested in hearing that I rasied a technical support call with BT earlier this year. It was shortly after my exchange (Failsworth) was BT Infinity enabled.


They responded by telephone so I have no record of their response but at the time they said there is no technical reason they are aware of why BT Infinity cannot work with BT Broadband Anywhere. They even went as far as to say that they believed the restriction was just a marketing delay while packages including a BT Infinity connection & a Mobile phone were defined and priced. 


That was months ago.



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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere

BT confirmed that I could not retain my Mobile package so I've cancelled it and await installation of Infinity on 6th Sept.


As far as I can ascertain [the combination of Infinity and BT Mobile package} it is a marketing / pricing issue and has yet to be finalised (or a decision made to offer it).


Seems strange to me that BT can throw away business and drive long standing customers - like me - to another mobile provider.


Vodafone who I'm now using, and all the other mobile operators, must be laughing at the unexpected bonus of new subscribers. Incidentally after many phone calls the BT Mobile contract - was cancelled without penalty.

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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere

I have BB Anywhere an HTC Touch2 and upgraded to Infinity and in Failsworth.  Mobile works exactly the same as before the upgrade to Infinity.  Now on Infinity Option 2.  Everything seems to work well.  Not yet tried my old HTC620 to see if BBTalk still works on it.

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Re: BT Infinity and Broadband Anywhere

I was informed when upgrading to Infinity my internet phone would no longer work as it was incompatible with Infinity but my Soft phone would still work.


The Engineer installed Infinity on a Tuesday and left at 2pm. Tested the internet phone plugged in to the hub and soft phone all working Ok, received 2 calls on the plugged in internet phone on Wednesday and a further call on the soft phone. The cordless internet phone would no longer work and registration failed.


On Wednesday night I received an email saying as I had not used the internet phone for 90 days it had been cancelled and one hour later the illuminated phone icon went out. On contacting BT I was told BT Talk was incompatible with infinity although it still worked well for 24 hours.


Having BB Anywhere I wonder with the great deal I already had to give me infinity completely free BT had to take something back


I pay £29-99p per month plus Vat for my BB Anywhere package. Smiley Surprised

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