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BT Infinity and YouTube conection problem

So I just got my BT Infinity 2 installed 2 week ago. After that, I ran into some problem with YouTube Video on all of my IOS device.

There is some (just some of the not all) YouTube Video will not play (endless buffering), however when I try using difference network (mobile, even using my BT Wi-Fi X) the video play normally.

I also use a VPN connect to the Hub and the video play normally

I suspect that it is the Hub because other network does not have any problem

What I have try:

Turn off Firewall - no luck

Turn off UPnP - no luck

Turn off Smart Setup - no luck

Also My BT access control is turn off in router

I also check BT parental Control and BT web Protect and it is inactive (I never use that before)

I also try a replacement Hub - still no luck

It is quite strange because it is only happen in IOS, my Android and Windows devices is still working normal, the conection is also stable and I can access other service without any problem.

Anyone have a clue on what to do next ?


BTW can I using my own router instead of the Hub, I have a Asus RT-AC68U. It is not a VDSL so can I buy a Openreach modem and plug it in ? Does it violate any term and condition of BT Infinity ?

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Re: BT Infinity and YouTube conection problem

You're more than welcome to use your own equipment, a lot of us do and would recommend it.
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