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Re: BT Infinity and https connection issues

No chance of any compensation for the stupid amount of time we had to put up this problem which clearly wasn't because of the customer? If I'm reading that right the thread was created in March 2011. Fair enough that wasn't when my problem started.

Only while I am great-full that it's now sorted. It took a lot of ranting, phone calls and time to get this fixed and it was a massive inconvenience to your customers. Only this is is sure something I will think about when the time comes to renew.
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Re: BT Infinity and https connection issues

Anyone got this problem now? It's come back; we had this about 18 months ago, and now we have back in all its original glory, no banks, ms live, facebook, ebay - all failing on the logon screen again. Screamingly fast on normal traffic, then dying on the majority of https logons. We're on our second BT Hub 5, and have the problem problem on multiple devices (mac, pc, tablet and phone), wired and wireless. Same devices away from home are fine. Just getting generic responses about this from BT at the moment; hoping for better responses soon.

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Re: BT Infinity and https connection issues

Seems OK for me.


Perhaps try clearing cookies from these sites and signing in again?

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