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BT Infinity available down the road, but still no sign of it in my street.

I live in Newport, south east Wales, and the exchange, which provides broadband (NEWPORT CHARTIST) was enabled for BT Infinity roughly 2 years ago. The large council estate, which I used to live on, has it, and the current housing estate I live on has it in most places, except in my area. From the research I've done and postcodes I've gathered, I would say roughly 70% of the housing estate has it and it is literally available five minutes down and across the road from me. Before the exchange went live, the BT Open Reach guys were outside my house, threading the new fibre cables down the existing cable network, so I know the cables are in place and it just seems a case of upgrading the cabinets, but there's no sign of it, even two years later.

The BT openreach website just says this after entering my postcode........

"This marker shows cabinet: P4
Which is linked to exchange: NEWPORT CHARTIST
Please note: This is the intended area for the cabinet that will provide fibre broadband services to your postcode. We're sorry but it’s taking us longer than planned to get your cabinet ready for service. Please bear with us.

We're sorry that the work we are doing to bring fibre broadband to your area is taking longer than first planned. This can be for many reasons that include blocked underground cable routes, issues with providing electrical power to the cabinet and issues with the cabinet’s location. Please bear with us while we work to resolve this which may take some time. We will continue to work on this and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."

So, I don't know if it's a case of a tree root causing the problem or whether it's because the fibre cabinets can't be placed next to the existing ones, but it's rather odd considering the estate that live on has pretty much the same layout and doesn't vary too much.

I'm in no particular rush to get Infinity, but I would very much like to get it, especially when the prices are more in line with ADSL broadband. But at this rate, I just do not know when or if it will come to my area. Am I just one of the unlucky ones, and will not be able to get fibre broadband any time soon? Do BT always do this and enable certain parts, but leave hundreds of homes without the option to get it?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: BT Infinity available down the road, but still no sign of it in my street.

No Openreach do go back to areas but there is no timescale
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