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BT Infinity - drastic drop in speed

I have had BT infinity since it was available in my area (Greenwich Exchange). I was getting 33Mbs solidly since then (1+ years) until the beginning of July when the speed dropped to 10MBs. Then the saga began.


1st engineer - turned up, fiddled with the socket in my house and said there was nothing wrong and that my IP profile needed resetting. 


The speed went up to 24MBs for a few days before dropping again.


2nd engineer - turned up and said there was a "wire loose" in the socket. 


Speed went up to 36 MBs for a few days before dropping to 18MBs


I called up again and got through to a fellow in India who quizzed me for an hour about my Sky box,  my ethernet connection etc etc. He just wouln't "get" that NOTHING HAD CHANGED!!!!!


Eventually I asked to speak to his manager and was told that another engineer would be booked for the 30th of July. I was told that if the fault was found to be in my home I would be liable for a £99 charge. When I finally descended off the ceiling I reluctantly agreed to this...


A few hours later someone else called and told me that "there were lots of issues ongoing at the moment and my engineer call would be cancelled". I was to ring back later in the week to book another call.


So far I haven't had the energy to go through this again and am seriously considering cancelling my contract with BT and refusing to pay the fees on the ground that the service I am getting is not what I was getting until 5 weeks ago.


Anyone on here able to help???



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Re: BT Infinity - drastic drop in speed

Same here!  Was getting regular 36 mbps but in last 2 days download down to 6 and upload down to 2 (previously 8). Anything to do with BT Sport? And if so, why should we suffer?

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