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BT Infinity install - master socket move?



I am currently on BT Broadband Option 3 and am having Infiinty installed this coming Friday but I have a question.


Currently my master socket is in my lounge at the back of the house, but my Home Hub and ethernet wired computer are upstairs in a bedroom at the front of the house; the Hub is connected to a phone extension socket.This socket was installed by BT about 5 years ago and is run off another socket in the back bedroom (which I assume is run from the Master directly beneath it downstairs).


My question is; will the engineer convert the phone extension in the front bedroom into a master socket? I ask because the way my house is laid out, there is no way he could run an data extension kit from the lounge to upstairs without going through ceilings and floors, which I know that they will not do (and I wouldn't want them to either!)


There is no space in my lounge to move the computer into so I need to leave it where it is upstairs. Therefore, I will not be able to have Infinity installed unless the extension socket is able to be changed to a master!


Can anyone please advise?


Many thanks

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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

What the engineer is most likely to do would be to make that extension the master socket but unfortunately you will lose the other 2 sockets by the sound of it.
If losing the other sockets is going to be a problem then you may be able to use power line adapters to provide broadband to your PC but you will have to buy those yourself.
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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that if he changed the extension to a master, then the current master could become an extension? I currently have the phone plugged into the master. I suppose I could move the phone upstairs to the new master but it would not be ideal.
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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

By the sound of your lay out you have your master socket, then extension and another extension which your current broadband is on. If this is the case then if the engineer moves the master to the entension you will lose the others, the only way to get the other sockets working again would mean you would have to back wire it through the same cable which the engineer just will not do as it will cause interference and is a no no for broadband. You could always get cordless phones with the main one plugged into the new master socket and the base units any where you require. Hope this helps.
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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

If you house has standard telephone wiring then it contains four wires.


If the engineer is feeling helpful then he should be able to use two or the wires to feed to the new master socket on one of the previous extensions, then use the other two wires to provide extensions back to the old master and other extension.


Mine did this for me.




P.S. And I am getting nearly 70 Mbps down and 14 Mbps up, so no interference to speak of.

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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

Many thanks for the replies. To be honest, I suspected that this would not be straightforward given my house setup. I don't want to end up with my phone upstairs (which would need another power socket I don't have) and it seems that I have to take a gamble on whether I get a helpful engineer or not and that's a risk I don't want to take. I will have a think about it but my inclination is to cancel the order before the installation takes place. I was talked into the order by a telephone salesman but I am getting perfectly decent speeds on Option 3 at the moment so I don't desperately need Infinity and this installation sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!! Thanks again for the advice.
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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

I'm not sure about the above. He moved my master socket as part of my install, and all my extensions (all eight of them) all still appear to work fine.


House builder went a bit over the top with phone sockets 🙂

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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

every install i know of the engineers have been very helpful and moved sockets if needed
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Re: BT Infinity install - master socket move?

In my case my old set up consisted of a master socket with BT Redcare and extension sockets attached. My modem was on an extension in the centre of the house to ensure wireless coverage throgh the house (old house, thick stone walls).


The OR engineer very helpfully installed a new master socket where I wanted the router to be which then turned my old master socket into an extension and left my original extensions and alarm set up unaffected. This involved drilling through a thick stone external wall.


He even called in another engineer to give him a hand as the job was considerably more involved than a standard installation. The did a really good job and were also very tidy.

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Re: A few questions

@WeeMan wrote:

A bit of info re master sockets and ADSL microfilters


I have just had BT infinity installed including a new master socket plate which splits internet and phone into different sockets at the plate. This means you can only plug your internet modem into the master socket or run an additional extension cable.


This really peed me off as I do not want to run a new cable (why the BT guy didn't is another story) nor have a modem, a router, the connecting  RJ45 and RJ11 cables and the two power supplies in my little hallway. I want them running off the kitchen extension socket as I always have done.


I have done a bit of homework. All you need to know is here


"The new I-Plate (Interstitial Plate) from BT. (Master plate fitted by BT)
                The iPlate is  for NTE5 master sockets and has a 22mH choke which is intended to filter out  interference that would normally be picked up on the bell wire*.


"If you already have an adsl NTE5 faceplate and/or have removed the ring wire,  then there isn't much point installing an i-plate"



Oh dear, I think you've made a mistake. The FTTC Master Socket looks like this:


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
If you found this post helpful, please click on the star on the left
If not, I'll try again 🙂
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