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BT Infinity install master socket question

I'm having Infinity 1 installed tomorrow 21st Feb.

Years ago, in the days of dial-up I had a second line installed for the Internet to save disconnection when the phone was being used.

The engineer came and installed a new line and master socket upstairs in the room the computer was. So I had two master sockets, one for each line.


When ADSL come out I enquired about getting it installed on the original line but was told it was not possible but I could have it on the second line, so that is what I did.

Anyway, years later I had the original line disconnected and kept the ADSL line with the master socket upstairs.


So, the original master socket is still there (dead) in the hall.  What I want to know is will the engineer re-wire the old master socket in the hall, as the ADSL line wire runs past it, or will he just use the master socked upstairs?

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