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BT Infinity is available, but checker says "Sorry, we couldn't find any results..."

I am about to move into a property which currently has a phone line and broadband provided by Sky. After speaking to BT's home move department I've scheduled my phone line to be moved to the new address. As I don't have the phone number for the line there (and it's not with BT), I'd checked if Infinity was going to be available by using the house number and postcode. However, entering the details on the "Check if you can get BT Infinity?" checker returns:


"We’re sorry... we couldn't find any results for the details you entered. If you don't have a phone line with BT, please try again by entering only your postcode and house number. Alternatively, please check back later."


Entering the house number for the property next door (around 15ft away) shows a predicted speed of 30.5Mbps download. Trying the house across the road gives similar. A quick look around shows that the nearest street cabinet is less than 20m away. I tried the BT Wholesale ADSL Checker, which confusing told me:


"Sorry, broadband is currently not available on your exchange.

Also, due to your line being routed over Fibre, it is currently not possible for your telephone line to support broadband service. Please accept our apologies. We are continuing to look for alternative technology solutions and this site will be updated with developments as they happen."


So I thought I'd call BT and ask what was going on. I was first told "Try checking again when the line is with BT - we can't tell if it'll work until we have the line". A second phone call got me a different response - "Sorry, it say's it's not available so we can't do anything". A third call got a "We've put a note on your home move/line order to get our back office team to look into it and someone will call you back". When nobody called back, I made a fourth call. I was then told that BT don't have a 'back office' team who could deal with Infinity and there was 'no note on my order'. 


Given I know the exchange (Reading South) has been enabled, the proximity of the street cabinet and the checker stating that all of houses around the one I'm moving to can get Infinity I'm inclinded to think that I'll be able to get it too - I'd just like BT to give a single answer (rather than multiple different ones) as to if there's anything they can do to start the order process so I might be able to get Infinity within a couple of weeks of moving in...


Any suggestions from anyone?

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Re: BT Infinity is available, but checker says "Sorry, we couldn't find any results..."

The checker is useless it seems they just got so far then said that will do no more houses after this point can have infinity. The house next to mine got an estimate of 26mbps mine was estimated at 14mbps, so unless after traveling 100's of meters and retaining 26 of the 40 mbps it loses 12 in 10m. Pretty obvious the checker is wrong but the staff can’t or won’t do anything about it, i argued for around 20 mins with the sales team but they just kept repeating the same thing over and over. I complained at executive level which is BT’s highest level complaints dept. and they finally offered me the option 3 with fibre but stated that it would be upgraded to full infinity if the speed was indeed available which i will find out on the 4th of May. I suggests making an executive level complaint if you don’t get anywhere with phone calls

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