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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

I have been experiencing a slow connection for a few days too. Pages are taking too long to load, and that's if they even manage to load up at all.


I'm in Swansea, btw.



I tried to run a broadband speed test (took about 2 minutes long than the 45 seconds it was supposed to), and got this message:


'We haven't been able to complete the speed test at this time.

This may be due to a problem with the speed tester, or your line may be running very slowly.'


No ****, that's why I ran the test.

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Is all this starting again? DNS errors all morning? I don't want to go through all that again that we had at the beggining of December! I coudn't game or browse the web? For the amount i pay on Infinty 2 i really don't expect this service.


I am just glad i am out of contract as if this doesn't get sorted sharpish i am of to a cheaper provider who seem to have a better more stable service, which it seems to be everyone else at the moment.

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

I've had problems again today as well. Some sites loading others not or partially. Errors in chrome about DNS connections ( Error code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET). Has been fine for the last hour or so (touch wood).
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Is anyone actually paying any attention to this problem anymore as since they claimed they fixed it,they have become very quiet on the issue. Its shocking they can think that waiting 3 minutes for a picture to load on facebook is fine as long as my speeds say 70mbps. Super speeds mean nothing if its taking an age just to load up a web page. Ive just signed a new contract as well,which is why no one wants to help when I phone up.


Ive given it long enough now so Ofcom is my next port of call....

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

I was gonna say more but I dont want to give BT ammunition - they are smellier than babies nappies atm (and I have two kids so I know the feeling).


@ Mods


There seem to be a lot of new topics coming up that are exactly related to this one : can I suggest you merge these in unless there is a real reason not to - aka a solvable problem. Untill an issue is SOLVED - then it remains OPEN - but gets lost as new complaints (complaining of the same issue) push this topic down the board.


I will post under your Forum Suggestions a new structure that would help prevent this and will ensure new compalints on similar issues dont get burried or forgotten.


PS I am an Admin on several active gaming servers and have lots of forum experience, but this board is designed to FOB off users as much as it helps them - and it does help many - but for those that it doesnt we remain dissatisfied customers.


PPS I feel a tech review Review coming on ...



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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

I see - I have been 'elevated' to an 'Aspiring Contributor' - Noooo \o/


I am a P**SED OFF CUSTOMER of your Super Fast FTTC piece of copper ender bell end that is looking for solutions... and having read some 'Guru' responses now feel it my duty to 'play the pedant' and advise new complainers of ongoing issues...


Just so that those with less networking experience arn't fobbed off with stupid remarks from :


a) Indian Support Staff << I guess thats an vision of Ghandi with a limp on his crutch looking for a leg up (don't complain I walk with a limp and always will whileI can still walk - so it's not a racial or disability slur).


b) People on these forums who really should know better but probably aren't able to help much more than suggest 'have you tried resetting your HH/Modem.





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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

This is spot on. The amount of new posters having the same problem but making a new thread means the issue is being pushed aside and hushed.


Ive spoken to Ofcom and they have said the amount of complaints about this issue is ridiculous. Ive always pushed BT to friends and family when asked about new ISP's but Im done with them. Ive been called a liar by customer services,hung up on twice when they realised the problem couldnt be fixed by resetting the router and told the problem was CLEARLY my four figures gaming pc being full of viruses.

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

To elaborate a little :


There are occasions when doing the Openreach line stats v's Cabinet capabilities - taking into account your distance from cabinet may show 'line issues' - and the silent line call no. do help, but  these should really be part of FRONT LINE SUPPORT. Not part of the COMMUNITY SUPPORT.


The last time I spoke to BT Support on dropped packets and - 999ping (a time out on our gaming server which I don't even play on, only Admin for cheat detection and other support). He wanted me to power down my connection 3 times over a 10 min call - he had never heard of the automatic DLM (when you disconnect your router frequently and the exchange automaticly a) Interleaves b) decreases your speed << I refused and explained to him why and was told I 'knew nothing about the internet' and when I challenged him pointing out I had an email address in 1990 before most universities were connected he laughed and called me a liar too. [ My first Modem looked like a shoebox and cost a lot more than a basic laptop by todays standards btw]


And likewise - I was called a liar - because on another call he apparently and I roughly quote 'I cant see your PC after the Router' - well that just shows that I secure my PC's tyvm and shows my switch/firewall is doing everything it should!! << was he hoping for more...?


And like the Openreach guy at install who wanted me to insert and install a BT loaded CD to complete installation << ER NO CHANCE MATE << if you have Internet connection SO DO I << and I dont need a CD for network config thank you.


But we have to beware - these basic tools are put up and discussed and responded to for people without

the experience to realise that there isn't something wrong at the home end - but this should be FRONT LINE SUPPORT not the COMMUNITY




@ Mods - I dont know your relotionship whith BT but you have an increasing number of DISSASIFIED CUSTOMERS




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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Ive talked two people out of renewing their rolling contracts today and thats in a small amount of time. They are then going to go to the pub,to work and socialise and tell their friends.....and so on. BT already have a poor name as far as customer service go with the opinion being its OK until it aint,well guess what? It aint!


I understand a big network such as BT can have problems but this does not look like its going to go away any time soon and I think they are just hoping they can continue to gloss over it. Not sure what my next move is TBH? Tech sites? The papers? 

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Do Remember you can just let your existing contract ROLL OVER and ONWARDS


Advantages - you can get out at any time without financial penalties


Disadvantages - You cant pressure them into lowering your existing charges


eg I got a really good deal just as they took over PlusNet by saying I wanted to switch... so I signed up again...



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