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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Can I suggest that anyone dealing with BT by phone (and any other sizeable company for that matter of fact) gets in to the habit of RECORDING your own logs when speaking to folk.


When I received my MAC code by SMS on 27/12, it said at the bottom, to call 0800 731 6290 to check what my charges will be when switching from BT... I ignored this, as I felt confident that the last helpdesk employee had understood my issue, and made clear what I would owe.


Curiousity got the better of me to day, and given the way 2015 has treated me so far, I figured I would call the number just to check. Well...


There was no record of a cancellation request, or revert... which is probably why I'm still with BT as it stands (port 14/01 now!)


Luckily, because I'd logged my own calls, I was able to point the helpdesk employee in the direction of a call on 22/12 @ 08:14, in which I spoke to XYZ in the Customer Options team, advised of my desire to cancel and request for a MAC.


Do I feel confident this issue is resolved, that my final bill will be as promised and this will be my last call to BT... Not a chance. But I'm glad I made that call today!

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Hi all,


The volume of issues being reported on this thread has reduced significantly over the last few days.


Some of you have been reporting speed and other connection problems, which aren’t linked to the original issue. We have therefore taken the decision to lock this thread, as the work we carried out previously seems to have helped the majority of customers on this thread.


The conversation is now getting diluted by other kinds of issues, so for anyone experiencing connection problems, please start your own thread so that you can get the relevant advice.