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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

It really is nothing short of disgraceful, and personally I think it's been slightly longer than 2 weeks.

Just what on gods earth is going on?

Whatever they changed or implemented that caused these problems needs backing out and an alternative solution tested.

We all need to work on a uniformed approach with regards compo too.
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Re: Broadband issues

Ignore all of the test this test that **bleep** mate. BT has major problems nothing to do with your line
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

This whole thing is an absolute disgrace. I called up BT and got to some Indian (?) call centre. All these people do is read a script and have no technical knowledge whatsoever. They kept saying the web pages I was trying to load must be slow- err, no, ping fine, multiple pages not loading. Must be wifi interference. Err, no also with wired, Am I watching TV? That must be using up bandwidth. Err, no, my speedtest you just asked me to do shows 45 down- no bandwith left with TV on? I kept trying to explain, it was a routing problem or something at BT end, but like banging my head against a brick wall. In the end I decided I am wasting my time here and time I brought conversation to an end. Only to then receive the most infuriating email, claiming the problem is at my end- great thanks guys. BT have serious issues with tech support, it is absolutely **bleep**, no other way to describe it. If they must use offshore, they need to sack this lot and move to the Bulgarians Be Unlimted used to use- people who actually had a clue what they were talking about. Regarding the issue itself, why still no resolution? Why so long to even acknowledge it? Why does the checking tool still tell me there is no issue with my broadband. I'm in Wakefield ( noticed others here are, I'm on Ossett exchange) and frankly we need some refund/ compensation for this outage. I see it's starting to make the press, good, needs to get into more mainstream press coverage which I am sure it will do as we come into the weekend. Why no regular ( and I mean every few hours) updates from BT on here? So disappointed as switched from Sky to BT and BT TV and until now never really had a problem.
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Can somone post what a 'good' tracert would be to any of the BT/Google etc sites - I'm having a bit of difficulty in even getting to our gaming server now even for Admin (not playing) purposes - ping rates are thru the roof and the command consol quickly becomes unresponsive (probably due to lost packets).


It would be good to have a comaprison. Thanks

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Like this?



Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     2 ms     2 ms     2 ms  BTHUB5 []
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3     *        *       13 ms
  4    13 ms    11 ms    11 ms
  5    16 ms    19 ms    18 ms
  6    16 ms    12 ms    12 ms []
  7    14 ms    13 ms    12 ms
  8    16 ms    14 ms    14 ms
  9    11 ms    18 ms    11 ms
 10    19 ms    20 ms    20 ms
 11    19 ms    17 ms    17 ms
 12     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 13    19 ms    17 ms    18 ms []

Trace complete.


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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

@ wakeywarrior. This is basically a customer to customer help forum and although moderated by BT this is not 24hours a day the forum mod team are involved and as they have posted earlier in this thread the problem is being investigated and as solo as they get further information they will post back on the thread
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Thanks but was that a log from before these problems? - Just wondered things have improved in the last hour or so - guess it's bedtime which made my initial comments about load balancing / congestion issues seem more logical. I will wait till a busy time tomorrow before comparing and posting tracelogs.

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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Seems better for me this morning, websites more responsive and my youview box is allowing my to watch something on itv player that previously wouldn't load. Managing to stream the kids programs on bt vision again also.
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

Quick check this morning shows marked improvement in webpage load speeds ... but day is still young, and may just be local.
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Re: BT Infinity issues for the last few days

The status page now shows "Time resolved: Sat 13/12/2014 at 08:22".


Certainly things have been working well here in Clacks this morning. Time will tell I guess.


Given the amount of longstanding grief this has caused customers and the way callers to the help line were dealt with, I would appreciate:

- an explanation from BT (perhaps via the Mods) of what went wrong

- an announcement of how their internal procedures are being changed to detect this kind of systemic problem in the future

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