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BT Infinity keeps dropping

Hi All,


I had an orange light the other night and reset my hub and my external IP went nuts and my service was terrible. Switched it off and turned it back on in the morning and got it working again and normal IP however now when I game after about 10 minutes it will randomly keep dropping me every minute and my ping will shoot to 1000 and then level back again. I am trying to play League of Legends and Battlefield and it is near impossible. Been doing this for 2 days tried every fix I can think of and all tests come back that there is no problem but there is. 


Tried opening the ports and also allowing the programs through the firewall manually and still the same issue. When I switch wireless channel I temporarily am fine for 10 minutes and then it comes back again. Different channels make no difference. 



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Re: BT Infinity keeps dropping

how are you connecting to the hub wireless or wired if wireless could you try a wired connection this will show if the problem is a wireless one
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