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BT Infinity order - 60 days of living in Dark Ages- Lies lies and more lies

I have been waiting for my BT order to be completed since 60 days, i have made complains i have tried Twitter, chat and calls. Nothing has solved the issue so far. Openreach have been either lying and making excuses to the case manager since day 1, and she doesnt know. or she has been lying to me. 60 days without a connection and still no certain date provided. Can someone please explain to me how that is acceptable in todays world. I am pretty sure i will never recommend BT to anyone ever, i would cancel the order but that wont solve it as all the other companies use Openreach as well. I dont know what i should do.

every couple of weeks they change the activation and connection date saying the engineer hasnt done the work outside. First they said they couldnt get access to the property when i knew that was a lie because i was home and no one rang the door bell or called my two numbers. Then now they say they need access to neighbours property and they had scheduled for friday but couldnt complete the work, and now they cant get hold of the owner. I said tell me the contact details of the owner which they dont have ~(Proving Previous update was a lie.) and i asked that give me the house number at least and i will track down the owner, (and surprise surprise they replied saying they will update me on 29th.- meaning they dont know which property and never even tried to do the work.). 


Now either my case manager is oblivious to these things, or she is in on it since day 1. I have no idea what to do now. i wish there was a way i could complain to an independent body or regulator. Because honestly this is unacceptable. And i am saying that because i work with communications companies, and i am pretty sure there are SLA's in place. and if BT cant escalate issues with Openreach, they should just tear down the contract. or atleast someone from the regulators should look at this. 

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Re: BT Infinity order - 60 days of living in Dark Ages- Lies lies and more lies

Hi @paragghanekar,


I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry your order has been delayed. If you send me in your details I'll be able to take a look at what is happening with your order.


You can send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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