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BT Infinity problems in Northern Ireland - MODS PLEASE READ!

Mods - please visit the following thread and read it carefully :-


There are a number of users in Co.Antrim / Down areas (within about 10 miles of each other) having serious issues with BT Infinity.


There is a clear trend of full performance in the morning (i.e. downstream speed of 96.7% of your IP Profile + max supported upstream speed) which then deteriorates any time from 9am onwards down to a low of < 1 meg downstream but with full speed upstream


This issue then remains for the rest of the day before returning to full performance after midnight. 


There are approx 6 of us in the thread reporting these issues. I suspect the actual amount of customers affected by his problem in this area to be much greater.


Support in India, whilst trying to be helpful - are not managing to get this issue resolved. They acknowledge that lines tests pass ok and that there is a 'network fault' that needs investigating - but the faults they raise show in My BT as immediately resolved and all we get is a follow up phone call 2 days later from India asking if the issue is now resolved. This is because it seems their systems show our fault as resolved as well - even when nothing has been done to resolve this issue!



We need this issuse cascaded to the correct team with knowledge of the local broadband infrastructure to investigate and resolve his issue.


I should also point out that we did a quick check on everyone's package on the thread and we all upgraded to 80/20 within the past month. 


Line performance was 100% stable before this issue started. I was originally getting a nice stable 41.00 / 9.20 (25ms ping) before this issue started on Friday 18th. 


The other affected users are constantly being asked to reboot their routers, modems, etc. However, this issue has nothing to do with anything in our properties. This is an issue with the network. I have provided some trace routes in the other thread for analysis. 


If fact, as a consequence of rebooting my modem several times (about 10 times) during troubleshooting to rule out any probs in my property I have now lost some sync speed and had interleaving added by the DLM (now 38 / 8 with 45 - 90ms ping time). Not happy about that either. Really we should be getting a profiles reset to wide open after the issue has been resolved so that we can retrain our lines and get the true line speed performance. Please advise if this can be arranged.


We would appreciate a swift response to this as the current performance we are getting during daytime hours is well below the fault threshold of 12Mbps for FTTC and outside of the contracted performance we are paying for, and we are now 5 days down the road without any hint of a resolution in sight.

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Re: BT Infinity problems in Northern Ireland - MODS PLEASE READ!

I fully agree with all of the points noted above, and would also request a response from the moderators.

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