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BT Infinity - put back yet again

Having got very excited about this time last year that BT Infinity would be coming to my area, I registered my interest - only for it to be put back every 4 months - by 4 months!  Last date was 31 December 2011 - so I thought it odd when I didn't hear from anyone at BT.  However, on checking - this time I got a message saying that it wasn't available in my area at all.  This despite being told in the Autumn that Sale Exchange (near Manchester) was now up and running and, as far as I can see, all the boxes in my immediate area are there.  I checked again today - first of all it couldn't find my phone number (which is BT) and then - guess what!! Available - March 2012.  I'm not holding my breath - just wish BT would actually say one date and stick to it.  I have put off going with Virgin and in the meantime, I don't feel like upgrading my broadband package which would give me more download capacity - but obviously no faster speed. 

Is the March 2012 date likely to happen - at this stage I think probably not...................................


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