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BT Infinity query

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Right.... 4 months ago i personally spoke to the Openreach guy working at the cabinet 6 metres from my house. Who told me he setting the cabinet up to go live for fibre. I have spoken to numerous people at BT telling me that they agree my exchange had been live since November, but my line check still comes back as NO... If I have physically seen the guy doing the work, what can be taking so long... my postcode is TW19 7LG, if anyone can please give me a reasonable answer otherwise i'm of to see Mr Branson who has had fibre service in the road for well over a year...


Thanks to anyone in advance..

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Re: BT Infinity query

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There's lots of reasons why it can be delayed. Check out the last 3 or 4 pages of this thread -

Lots of variables!
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