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BT Infinity roll out in my area has literally gone around my street in a full circle. WF10, MYCAS.

I live in Allerton Bywater, in Castleford, hooked up to the MYCAS exchange.  Postcode WF10 2AS.


BT infinity has had FTTx cabinets installed around over the last 12 months, although all the street work seemed to be done and dusted a few months ago now, cabs in place and for postcode searches in my area a lot of people are ready to go at the end of this month... but!

There is a double green cabinet setup at the end of my street, although they have been there since 2005 and haven't been touched for any upgrades, running from there we have service ducts in the street and over head cables supplying the houses on my street, but no sign of Fttx on any postcode or phone number for my street.


250yrd behind my house, is another cabinet, full upgraded and all shiny and FTTx going live, 500 yard to the left of my street, same again, and this continues all the way around our street!!! it's like they put there thumb on the map and couldn't see there was a hundred houses here or something, it's really bizarre.


This street was upgraded to broadband in 2005, so most of the gear around here is fairly recent and must be capable, there were street works done around that time connecting between here and all the cabinets within a mile radious, I checked, followed the street ducks and the scars on the tarmac where the lines were laid/upgraded both in 2005 and recently and the new works litterally stop half way to the start of our street.


Why would they roll out so extensively in our area and not this part, were 2.5km from the changes, yet from around the exhange to here, full roll out, then for a further 1.5miles beyond here away from the exhange there is full roll out.


Can anyone guide me on this one? or who should I contact to enquire?

Check the PCP to Postcode list too, no mention of my postcode or cabinet on there, my cabinet is lonely lol, please give it some love and attention. 


Thank you.

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Re: BT Infinity roll out in my area has literally gone around my street in a full circle. WF10, MYC

Hi Gutiarse,

If you can fill out the contact us form in the about me section of my profile, we can take a look at this for you.
BT Moderator Team
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