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BT Infinity speeds below prediction after 10 days

I have now had BT Infintiy 40/10 for 10 dyas now and my speed is seemingly stuck at 21mb .


The predicted speed was 25 mb , not exactly lightening compared to others here ,but much better than i had previously on ADSL2

I was hoping for somehting around 25mb - 30mb , and i would be really happy with that but i cannot get more than 21mb downstream , my upload is only 1.69mb.


The BT speedtest says my line profile is 21.79 .

All tests have been done with the PC hard wired to the HH3


I have tried rebooting etc but to no avail .


It this the best i am ever going to get on Infinity, or can something be done to increase my line profile ?

Feeling a little shortchanged to be honest .



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Re: BT Infinity speeds below prediction after 10 days

With a profile of 21.79 you're syncing at around 22.5meg, not really far off the estimate. The estimate is based on sync speed not throughput. The site also says that the speed will usually be within 1 or 2 meg of the speed so you're pretty much there.

In all honesty I doubt you'd see any different between 21 and 28meg, 21meg is more than adequate for 99% of internet users.
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