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Re: BT Infinity wireless problem

As you mentioned the PC with the problem is only a 6 feet or so away from the HH3 and in the same room... that set up should work. (and you've eliminated external interference threats!!!).


I'm scratching my head.... Two PC's are OK but another has wireless problems... and is pretty close to the HH3!!!!!!


I know you've swapped wireless adapters..... But you could try another make,  I am using this type in my laptop.

Also I have heard people connect their spare router to the HH3 to boost it's wireless signal... just things to test/try.


The problem being two machines are OK on wireless and a third located very close to router doesn't work reliably.

That points to to the third PC.


I had a PC with connection problems... wouldn't go on line, the BT Help software would recognise a problem and ask if I wanted to connect... then I would click on the picture of the HH type I was using and away it would go and connect successfully. 

I did not have this problem on my four other machines. As the problem PC was the only machine with the BT software on it I removed the software and not had the problem since.


I've seen a similar connect/disconnection cycling problem where I had put in the wireless key slightly wrong.... 


I'm just thinking/writing out aloud.


Is inssider showing a strong signal on the bad PC? I get around 40dB about 20 feet from the HH3.


Why not try changing the HH3 to just wireless 802.11 b/g if that doesn't cure it then....

 change wireless key then if that doesn't work change encryption type to WEP the lowest level of encryption? 

Only doing this to test and see if we get a working situation... and if so we can analyse and take it from there.

ie if WEP OK then try moving the HH up to the next level of encryption WPA only etc....


If still no connection you could make sure no other machines are on and then  very very briefly set wireless security to none and see if you can connect.

This setting is dangerous as any outsiders/neighbours could jump on your broadband and download lots of things you wouldn't want to be associated with.

But again just doing this as a test to prove the wireless connectivity.


Right if you still cannot connect wirelessly whilst 6 feet away from your home hub and without wireless security... yet two other machines can.... then for me that machine would be going either out the window or on Ebay.


Please let us know how it goes.


Inssider pic 1.jpg







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Re: BT Infinity wireless problem

Shows a strong signal of 40/42 - green line (wireless). Neighbours are all on 75/89ish with a red line. (pretty much same as your picture).


See i thought it must be my computer at first but then it connected along with the two other computers just fine on are old BT router, so its only since we got this new BT HH3 - type B router/hub that were having a problem which leads me to the concluesion that the BT router is at fault. I think its going to be one of those unsolvable situations where we just can't find what exactly is at fault.


Long as the other two are connecting on wireless and mine on cable then that will have to do. At least we all can get online which is the main thing. Not going to mess around with it anymore, thats getting to technical for me now...sorry.


Thanks for your help though, much appreciated. I will keep checking here on the forum and let you know if anything changes.

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Re: BT Infinity wireless problem

@Venatacia wrote:


...Thanks for your help though, much appreciated. I will keep checking here on the forum and let you know if anything changes.

 Smiley Happy


And Pheeew quite relieved your leaving it at that to be honest.


If you did need a bit more flexibility with the wired machines in the future there are things called homeplugs that can be plugged into your mains supply... say one homeplug plugged into the mains beside your HH3, connected to it via an ethernet cable and a second one plugged upstairs where the "bad" laptop is now required to be used.... this second homeplug would transmit your wireless signal upstairs, thus giving a repeated wireless signal hopefully helping give a reliable wireless connection up there.


To use something like that when only 6 feet away from the HH3 would be somewhat of an overkill solution though Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for letting me know.


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