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BT Internet hacked by '' issue

A friend had his BT Internet email hacked recently and had it changed to (with the usual 'Hi, I'm on holiday in the Philipines and have run out of money, etc' story). He has now had his BT Internet account restored and all his contacts have been told to remove any additional contact that has been installed for the rogue email address.


However, when he sends me an email from his normal address and I click on reply, the email comes up as the reply address. This happens whether I use Outlook or the web browser for my email account.


BT have been unhelpful, or to be more correct didn't understand what was happening - they kept telling me to log into his account, then told me that it sounded like his account had been hacked!! So is it something I can change in Outlook, or is there still a problem with his BT Internet account?

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Re: BT Internet hacked by '' issue

If he clicked on a link in the Philippines email it is possible that he has installed some malware on his computer. He should download and run Malwarebytes


Here is a link, use the free version. It will run a scan and inform you if there is a problem.


He should also go into his BTYahoo webmail account and click on the options (small icon that looks like a cog) and check that there has been no forwarding email address put into the "POP and Forwarding" box.


In Outlook, go into Tools > Accounts > Properties and check that there has been nothing added to the "reply to address" box.



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