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BT Lack of care via telephone. Help from here appreciated

Inifinity fitted on Thursday and as a result lost the BT link to Sky.


35 minutes and four different, repeated, conversations with the Call Centre resulted in an offer for a BT Engineer to return and reconnect Sky.


Now I am told this isn't BT's problem (Despite the problem being caused by a BT Engineer)


BT are happy to charge me to correct this but empasise it is at my cost.


Can you explain why BT can leave equipment, that isn't theirs, in a failed state then claim 'Not our responsibility? Is it legal?


I have said remove Infinity and take me back to where I was. As in, disconnect me.


BT attitude is 'Suit yourself.' Fantastic Custemer Support.


So. I shall. My 3 brothers and sister will also take their business away. My 3 children will. 5 of my colleagues at work are also going to transfer to a different supplier. 6 of my wife's friends will also be removng their business. 


I doubt BT care, and realise our business is immaterial, but what an attitude. 'We broke it but you need to pay us to fix it.' 


Is this attitude legal? I suspect if a builder or mechanic worked like this they would be out of business fairly quickly. 





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Re: BT Lack of care via telephone. Help from here appreciated

What do you actually mean by losing the link to Sky?


Is it that your Sky box can't talk to the internet for downloads or something similar?


If that's what you mean then that I wouldn't consider it to be BT's fault as they're not under any obligation to sort out that type of situtaion, merely to ensure that 1 device connects correctly to the internet. Anything beyond that they'll charge for , although sometimes a helpful engineer might sort that for at the time of installation. If it's a contractor you've no chance.

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Re: BT Lack of care via telephone. Help from here appreciated

It may be the link via a normal telephone socket that is used for the on demand content of sky.

When the engineer installed the infinity did he explain that depends on how your sockets are wired you may not have service on them all when he has finished his installation process?

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