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BT Lying in regard to using Youview box purchased elsewhere

Due to our old freeview box dying we needed a new one in a hurry and invested in a youview box withthe BTvision stuff built in.  After over 4 hours on the phone we have been told repeatedly to send it back and get a free one, that BT can't supply its services to a third party box, its a HUMAX that is exactly the same as the ones that BT supply.  All the adverts say visit to set it up go there and no you have to ring, we ring and have been told to send the box back, we don't have BT infinity (we do) and sorry but they can't complete an order without sending a box out.  


We aren't sending the box back, we don't want another, we are happy to pay £35 connection and the other extras to get the channels but when BT are saying (this is from their own site)


"BT Sport is now available on YouView boxes not bought directly from BT. To enjoy BT Sport you'll need our new BT Player Essential package below and BT Infinity.

Please call us on 0800 085 2795 to place your order."


Why are BT selling branded players that can't be used with BT or there operatives can't process an order without having to send out another box, the advert is to say the least misleading, and on top of all that our connection to BT Vision is now being determined by the delivery of the free box that we don't want anyway.  There must be another way.


I really am hacked off by the run around from BT call centre staff who have been polite but being told repeatedly that we can't have what is being advertised and having to be on the phone for nearly 5 hourse really is taking it to new lows, what can't I just ad it to my package through my account and a tick box that says, "no thanks I have my own box".


Can I please ask that you get this sorted.



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Re: BT Lying in regard to using Youview box purchased elsewhere

Hi Regsy


Have you been able to get this resolved since the date you posted?


Email me using the contact the mods link in my profile if you still need help with this.





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