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Re: BT Mail Morphed Into BT Yahoo Mail

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@Sarahdeb wrote:

I have had  the same problem of Yahoo taking over my BT account at the end of August 2014 annd I STILL now, on the 1st October 2015, can not get rid of it and go back to BT. All my emails sent now appear in other people's email lists as 'Yahoo' with no mention of my name.


How can I get rid of it???


Every time I try to login to BT it just tells me it is not avaiable at the moment.

I am thinking of leaving BT now as I just can't stand yahoo!!



Hi. Welcome to the forums.


Can you explain a little more about your name being incorrect ?


How do you access your email, is it via webmail and a browser or a client program such as Thunderbird, Windows Mail, or a smartphone/tablet client ?


Try logging in here :-


The name on your emails is fairly easy to change once logged in - but depends on whether you use Basic or "Full featured". If the latter, then click on the cog top right and choose Settings. Pick Accounts and click on the BTYahoo one. You can alter the name in the top box.

If Basic, then Choose Options from the drop down menu on the top right and click Go. Click on Mail Accounts, choose BT Yahoo and alter the Sending name.


If you use a client program, then it depends which one.

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