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Mcafee and Norton phishing emails

How can I stop nuisance emails when the source address seems to be constantly changing. My family are getting a lot of these and I don't want to have to change our email addresses.

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Re: Mcafee and Norton phishing emails

If you had a search through the forum you will have found the thread I have have moved you onto and other threads such as this thread.

Phishing emails - BT Community

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

I’m getting dozens and dozens of these every week. They always come from different gibberish addresses but are always cc’d to the same
Blocking only seems to allow me to block the original address, not ‘revshoping’ and the filters seem completely useless. Headed Norton, McAfee, exclusive rewards etc etc but always cc’d into the same
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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

@NeilOI'd like to ask what answers you got from the spam filter team, whose filter software would in former days have been called a 'slow learner' or designated as ESN (educationally subnormal).  The prompt to asking this is noticing that the flow of cc revshoping spam continues, as does the stream of those from *.* addresses.

If one of your colleagues took FIVE MINUTES to load the expression I've given above into your filters then ALL of us would find instant relief from the barrage.  OR you could fix your blacklist software to allow us to do this - as it should. It's a simple programming matter for you.

OR as a further alternative, you could fix your webmail rules so they actually bloody work.  The rule management software is incredibly buggy and months pass by without it getting noticeably better.  And the latest failure I've noticed is that rules covering email from addresses that 'ends in' don't work properly.  I have the impression that its for mail from domains that contain "." but until you provide a proper channel for bug reports and evidence of acting on them, I'm unprepared to spend more of my time debugging the system that you are taking money from us for.

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

The latest common characteristic is emails coming from *@*

I've set up yet another rule of my own to discard these.

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Does it (the rule) work?
If 'ends in' doesn't work for me, I don't see that 'ends in' will - or have you devised your rule differently to this form?
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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

I am yet another poor soul being subjected to the proliferation of spam. Some of this until today has been filtered out by adding specific rules. Today however the website is no longer allowing me to edit or add new rules. Why is this?  Why is it that when adding a spam item using the drop-down option menus everything appears to work OK until I suddenly get an error box in the middle of the screen, this box has been there since moving onto BTmail. Does nobody test these programs or are individuals being targeted with malfunctioning programs and filters?

PPPPPP  **bleep** poor programming produces poor profits

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Over a month later and I am still getting 20 to 30 spams per day, many not going to my spam folder, although the McAfee/Norton ones do appear to have eased.  Now it's Bitcoin and voucher "win".


I have a couple of bt email addresses and both are the same with identical spam.  Is there a way of blocking them in both, so that I am not blocking them on each log in?

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Only possibility @ClaireD247 I regret to say of you avoiding dealing with individual spam messages in both accounts is to devise rules and implement them in both accounts to filter out the spam that BT's spam filter is not agile enough to catch.  Like England cricketers, the spam filters are dwelling on past glories...which is sod-all use in the present.

However, before you reach eagerly for the message rule software, I have to say that there are many bugs and infelicities in this software, and some parts of it (such as rules for messages from senders which 'end in') simply do not work.

I've spent some time struggling within the limitations of the dysfunctional rules software and can report limited success - 1/3-1/2 of the messages the spam filter misses are diverted from my inbox.  Worthwhile, but hardly a great achievement.  Good luck, and I encourage you to use some of the irritation you must feel to apply (through the Moderators) pressure on BT.  BT relies on our apathy to continue pocketing our money for services that don't work properly.

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules


I have found that using 'contains' works better than 'ends with'.

I see that the latest variation on this that BT's spam filters have failed to keep up with is *@*.*

Yet another one that I've now had to create my own rule for (even though, if I use a mail client such as Outlook, Microsoft DOES recognise them as spam).

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