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BT Mail

The 'new' email system is still very poor and nowhere near as user friendly as the old BT Yahoo mail.

It does not have the easy functionality nor is it intuitive.

It stiil marks read emaila as unread and unread emails as read especially when I delete an email the next email is marked as read.

The search function is very poor and the sorting of emails is limited if you have not marked each email. I am struggling to find how you sort to show unread at the top of the list - the 'filter symbol' is not visible.

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Re: BT Mail

I have found the filter - it only appears when you switch to Change View - Right !!!!

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Re: BT Mail

If you use one of the preview views found by clicking on "Change View" at the right hand side you will find the the funnel icon next to the search box which will give you a drop down box with the option to order the emails.

If you go into the settings found by clicking on your username at the right hand side then go to "Mail" you can select the box or not to view the next email after delete/move.

When an email is unread it has a dot to the left of the email in the list so you may find that the email is not actually being marked as read. It is possible that all you are doing is highlighting the next email which is in bold and appear that the email is unread. 

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Re: BT Mail

Thanks but I only get the 'funnel' when I switch to 'Right' in the change view option.

I also find that when I reply or compose the first line is OK but after retuen I cannot type unless I click on the next line - is that something to do with using Rich Text format?

I have to say this is still not a patch on the ease of use of the BT Yahoo mail.

Thanks again for such a helpful reply

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